Kelly Cramer (Past) (as played by Heather Tom on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Kelly Cramer (Past)

* Left the scene of an accident after hitting Blair's car causing the death of her unborn child.
* Faked evidence in the Music Box Killer case.
* Played off Babe Chandler's son as her and Kevin's after their baby was delivered stillborn.
* Embezzled thousands from Buchanan Enterprises.
* Has a blood type of Rh -
* Perjured herself in court in order to help Babe get custody of her son.
* Moved to London to live with Kevin Buchanan and her baby Zane.

Who's played Kelly Cramer (Past) over the years?

Heather Tom (2003 - November 2006)
Gina Tognoni (1995- January 2002; February 12, 2010 - present)
Tracy Melchior (July 2003 to Nov. 2003)

Current and Past Occupation

Past: Worked at a Texas newspaper
Past: Writer for The Banner
Past: Reporter for the Sun newspaper
Past: Model for Melador

Past History

The Kelly Cramer of 1995 was a total opposite to the Kelly of today. After being kicked out of a Paris boarding school, Kelly came to Llanview to live at the rectory with her cousin Cassie and her husband Andrew Carpenter. When the couple turned out to be too strict for Kelly's liking, the rebellious teen moved in with her Aunt Dorian.

Although Kelly acted as if she had traveled the world with the experience of a 'mature' woman, she was nothing more than an innocent girl. When Kelly met Joey Buchanan, she had thought their relationship was the real thing. However, after Joey left Llanview, Joey broke it off with Kelly. On one stormy night, devastated by Joey's rejection, Kelly took off in her car and ran an oncoming vehicle driven by Patrick Thornhart off the road! To make matters worse, Kelly's cousin Blair was in the car and lost her and Patrick's baby as a result of the accident! After many months of grief and guilt, Blair forgave Kelly.

Kelly's luck with men only went downhill after Joey. Her next relationship would not only leave her with another broken heart, but with a multi-million dollar inheritance when Ian Armitage died in a plane crash. From there, she was engaged to Drew Buchanan who died in the line of duty. Tired of being hurt, Kelly had a hot steamy affair with Max Holden, but soon realized that she couldn't get Joey out of her mind. Death would follow after Kelly's best friend Grace came to town and died shortly after. Having been the fianc�e of Kevin Buchanan, Kevin and Kelly found comfort in each other, which ultimately made Joey jealous and running right back into Kelly's arms!

During a drunken night in 1999, Kelly and Kevin almost made love, but thought it was best not to tell Joey. Although Kelly and Joey married, Kelly couldn't fight her feelings for Kevin and ended their marriage to engage in a relationship with Kevin. After Joey moved to London, Kelly and Kevin moved to Texas so Kevin could be with his son Duke.

In 2003, when Kelly returned to Llanview 'after' Kevin, it became known that their marriage had been in trouble and Kevin spilled the beans that Kelly had had an affair in Texas. Desperate to save her marriage, Kelly got pregnant just as Kevin was asking for a divorce. Although told that she could die if she gave birth, Kelly risked her life to have Kevin's baby. In the end, it would be her unborn child who wouldn't make it. Having lost her baby at a hospital outside of Llanview, Kelly sought the help of her brother Paul Cramer who miraculously found her another baby to pass off as her own!

Kelly brought the baby home and presented Kevin with a son. It wasn't until their marriage ended and Kevin won custody of the boy that Kelly realized the baby needed his real mother. Pine Valley's Babe Chandler! Although it broke his heart, Kevin accepted the truth and gave the baby back.

Though Kevin and Kelly continued on and off to maintain an unhealthy relationship, their biggest challenge yet would come when Kelly slept with Kevin's son Duke in the heat of the moment after Kevin viciously told her they were over! Duke ended up dying in a tornado and Kelly ended up pregnant with Duke's baby! It took Kevin a longtime to accept this and gave Kelly the world when he expressed an interest in helping her raise baby Zane together.

With all the bad memories of the past lingering in Llanview, Kelly and Kevin moved to London in November 2006 to make a fresh start!

Past Marriages

Kevin Buchanan (2002 - 2005 divorced)
Joseph Buchanan (April 2000 - 2001 divorced)

Flings and Relationships

Max Holden
Drew Buchanan
Ian Armitage
Joey Buchanan
Nick Carson
Duke Buchanan (deceased)


Melinda Cramer (mother)
Paul Cramer (maternal half-brother - deceased)
Lou Cramer (grandfather - deceased)
Sonya Roskova (grandmother - deceased)
Addie Cramer (aunt)
Dorian Cramer (maternal aunt)
Cassie Callison (maternal cousin)
Blair Cramer (maternal cousin)
William Sloan Carpenter (maternal first cousin - deceased)
William Sloan River Carpenter (maternal first cousin by adoption)
Starr Manning (cousin)
Jack Manning (cousin)
Brendan Thornhart (cousin - deceased)


Zane Buchanan (son with Duke)
Kevin Lord Riley Buchanan Jr. (son with Kevin - deceased)