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    CBS Fans tell it like it is!

    Wednesday, May 30 2007

    Maura West (Carly)
    CBS Soap fans are passionate, they are loyal, and they sure don't mince words when they're discussing their favorite soap! They're not any different from our NBC fans, who shared their thoughts with us in our latest fan article NBC fans tell it like it is! We thank you all for your emails and encourage visitors to send us their thoughts about their favorite ABC soaps for our next fan article!

    Read what the fans had to say about As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful and Guiding Light and The Young and the Restless!

    As The World Turns:

    Alberta H.: I am so happy you are bringing Carly back. She and Jack should be together!

    Britney A.: I can't wait 'till Luke's semi-adventure part of this show. I'm outrageously excited!

    Pamela G.: Just saw the new opening, not liking it. Also, there is far too much of Gwen and Will. Please hurry and end the story line with her double. Jade gets away with too much as it is. Don't hook up Katie and Jack. How could Jack even think of a future with her? She is the cause of his and Carly's problems. She is a busy body and I don't like her and never have, although, she and Brad do have a lot of chemistry on screen.

    Gerry Brooks: I'm becoming more and more disappointed in my favorite soap. What's up with not giving Jade and Dallas a storyline so that they interact? ATWT for the first time in a while have no ethnic characters in major story lines. I've had enough with the Jade Gwen madness. It would be more believable if Jade enlisted Dallas' help in locating her father. With him on the scene maybe he and Lilly would have a connection because she would remind him of Rose. P.S. give Luke something to do. He's a young man, why can't he be involved in with the young set. Maddie, Gwen, Casey, Will. Jade is too old for these kids.

    Linda M.: I don't think the new theme for the show is any good. They don't even show the most important thing, which is the world turning, which is the symbol of the show. The music doesn't do justice either.

    Bold and the Beautiful:

    Shama O.: I'm a big fan of B & B. I don't know what's going to happen to me if this show is ever going to die. My favorites are: Stephanie, Eric, Ridge, Brooke and Taylor. I loved Darla, Macy and Sally as well.

    Deborah S.: I've never watched The Bold and the Beautiful before but that is quickly going to change. THANK YOU for putting such a beautiful person on your show! I'm so looking forward to watching Constantine and whatever you have planned for him!! Kudos to whoever made this decision!!!

    Karen G.: I am so sick the way Brooke goes from man to man. Why can't she just stay with one man and be happy and leave Taylor and Nick alone. If you put Nick and Brooke back together I will stop watching and tell all of my friends that they need to stop too.

    Lorna V.: I wish the writers of this show would smarten up as people are about to quit watching the Bold and Beautiful because no one on the show moves on. Brooke is nothing but a tramp and Ashley is certainly not a lady in this show unlike the Y&R. Let Phoebe and Rick stay together and make a go of a relationship unlike the others.

    Rich B.: My wife and I have been watching your show for 10yrs, and I can pretty much figure out what's going to be next, please get a new role in there for Brooke and Ridge send both of them to Alaska , to live happily ever after. The rest of your storylines aren't bad.

    Katherine Kelly Lange (Brooke)
    Guiding Light:

    Tonya J.: Fix Josh and Reva, please! Josh is Reva's "Bud" not Cassie's. I'm tired of this crap. Help this Cassie find her own man. Maybe she could go for Billy. He needs someone like she does. Josh and Reva belong together, forever.

    Myrtle B., Suffolk Virginia: You asked the public to let you know their light. My light is my family is my light. My husband of 36 years and our 2 children, and my grandchildren, Jacob (5) and Victoria (2), along with Wyatt (2) are all my light!

    Nancy F: Why can't you find Cassie a man of her own instead of her sister's man? Frank and Billy both need a woman in their life, and I don't know why you won't find them someone special. I'm getting tired of seeing Frank and Billy all alone so fix one of them up with Cassie.

    Jo W: You must have been hard up for a story line to let Cassie & Josh together. I think that is sick and it makes me sick to watch them I record so I just fast forward through all of those scenes.

    Ruby H: To the staff of Guiding Light: I have been a fan of this story as far back as I can remember. I watch it today for the first time in about two years. I now work days and can't watch it. The first thing I saw was Josh and Reva in bed together I was so happy to see them still together it felt like coming home. Then I heard him say his life was with Cassie and I sat and waited for Reva to explode and nothing happened. Isn't Cassie, Reva's sister? What have you done to Reva? Is she a clone again? Because the old Reva would never give Josh to anyone not even her sister! You have really taken the fight out of Reva. Will the real Reva Shane please stand up? I am so tired of the story line where Cassie always get Reva's leftovers can she please have a man of her own it makes her looks nasty. I will not watch this story again until you give Reva back her backbone. It was so boring. Very disappointed ex-fan!

    Kandi G.: I really would like to see Josh and Reva get back together and see Josh out of jail. I would also like to see Allen take some blame for the death of Tammy. She was a really good actress. I wish there was a way to bring her back along with Jonathan but hey you guys are doing a really good job with the show is better than Passions. Hey keep up the good work and please tell Reva that I just love her and I would love to meet her sometime.

    Barbara B.: I am 75yrs old and remember the radio days. My guiding light is Our Lord Jesus Christ and the wonderful Husband and Children I was blessed with. I am living with my daughter, Edith, here in Alaska, since my husband of 52yrs passed away in 2002. Love and blessings to you all and thanks for the Entertainment!!

    Mayme L.: I was listening to G.L. when it was on the radio and Papa Bauer, and Mada were the main actors. When they went to TV I watched every day until I started working. I am retired and wait for the Guiding Light each day.

    Nancy F.: Why can't you find Cassie a man of her own instead of her sister's. Like Frank and Billy, they both need a woman in their life I don't know why you won't find them someone special. I'm getting tired of seeing Frank and Billy all alone so fix one of them up with Cassie.
    Jo W.: You must have been hard up for a story line to let Cassie & Josh to be together. I think that is sick and it makes me sick to watch them I record so I just fast forward through all of those scenes.

    Doris M.: I hate seeing Cassie and Josh together. Find some story line and put him back with Reva. They slept together in prison, how about making Reva pregnant it often happens with older women going through menopause.

    The Young and the Restless:

    Betti B.: My mother and I are huge Young and the Restless fans and
    can't wait the see every day. We were shocked when Dru was killed of the show. It's going to be a big lost on the show but we will still watch.

    Essence P.: I Love your show. I have been watching it for years. Keep up the good work.

    Stacie P.: I really hate to see that Dru has left the show. She was a very spicy character, not to mention the fact that she was one of the few diverse characters on the show. I have watched Y&R since I was 8 years old. I will watch the show again once she returns. That's how much I loved her on the show! Dru come back, from your book tour please!!

    Paula F.: Writers, would you please make sure that Lily and Daniel do not break up? Let them have a romantic relationship, and loving marriage. Sharon and Jack need to stay together or it's either another round with Phyllis. Thanks again, watch every day. You're doing a good job.

    Gloria L.: I really did like Dru and thought she and Nell made a wonderful couple. I would love to see her return to the show. Please allow that to happen!!!

    Alexandra B.: Who knew what an impact that Eyal Podell (Adrian) would have on the American soap opera public when he first came to Y & R? But more than his good looks, he brought a character with an intellect. Around a lot of business water coolers, his name is often dropped. He has that twinkle in his eye but some viewers appreciate the character's knowledge of art. Thanks, Y & R for thinking cute and smart together!!!

    Janie M.: It's time to move on with the story line you have now. Let Victor have his day. Let Neil go on with his life. Let's move people!!

    Great feedback everyone! Thanks to all who have written in. welcomes all fans to leave a comment! For those who are also fans of ABC soaps, check back with us later next week to read what else is on viewers minds.

    Christine Fix

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    Posted by katslem at Wednesday, May 30 2007 04:16 AM

    Personally I can't stand Carly. I love Kate and Jack together, they have a great chemistry together.

    Posted by dave contreras at Wednesday, May 30 2007 08:23 AM

    I'm not thrilled about the new theme opening, either.
    I like the theme opening & the music during the late--
    1987--1990!!=) With the Gold Bold Words & the Shinning Blue
    Stripes!=) it actually showed the WORLD! TURNING!!=)=)
    That's why the show is called,,,WORLD TURNS!!=)

    Posted by marigolds4ever at Thursday, May 31 2007 03:23 PM

    i like the new theme song for as the world turns.i love the idea of carly back ,i just hope she and jack gets back together. i'm sick of busybody katey.

    Posted by carsimp at Monday, June 04 2007 06:48 AM

    What R U doing to my fav soap GL? Does everyone in town live at the Beacon? How stupid do you think we R? Family??? What have you done to all of the families on the show?? PLEASE ship that Cassie off to a mental ward!! Reva & josh should be TOGETHER!! A devoted fan C. S.

    Posted by Mechanicsville at Monday, June 04 2007 05:31 PM

    How do I begin to tell you how glad that Maura West (Carly) is Back on the show As The World Turns. I loved it when she was with Jack making love,etc. I hope there Family returns soon as possible.

    Posted by crazyohiogirl at Monday, June 04 2007 06:05 PM

    I would love to see nick and brooke back together and i hope brooke wins over ther baby thing taylor does go after brookes seconds and i think taylor did it because brooke took ridge away come on let brooke and nick get back together for nick is still in love with brooke and not taylor i have been watching b&b since it first aired when it first started out from the beginning.....but i still think brooke and nick belong together...but let her stew for awhile.......thaks for listening

    Posted by Angela011874 at Thursday, June 07 2007 12:42 PM

    If you watch the shows on this channel there are 4 couples that should always find their way back to each other...Victor and Nikki, Ridge and Brooke, Holden and Lily & Josh and Reva. There is nothing wrong with making drama in their life but like Tom and Margo they should just always be. People who truly love each other like these couples do work their problems out, not bounce around beds like bunny rabbits. Part of loving the drama is knowing that they love each other to make it back....when you do things like put Josh with Reva's sister and drag it out this long, we don't love the drama any more. Josh doesn't love Cassie more, she needs him more, he's confusing the two. The old Cassie would never have been like this and she would never have gone after Josh. There is a line you don't cross and this story line blew by that line when it started. I hope to see some of our older characters find their place together, find happiness and let the younger generation take over the melodrama ;p

    Posted by Angela011874 at Thursday, June 07 2007 12:42 PM

    Oh yeah, and Carly & Jack. How could I forget those two, they definitely belong together.

    Posted by mommadog1950 at Thursday, June 07 2007 11:23 PM

    Please, please, please......When Nick returns, DO NOT let him have amnesia! That is just the lamest s/l and has been done to death. Please....LML....Don't screw this up!

    Posted by bonifay at Friday, June 08 2007 07:45 AM

    I love Nick and Phyllis please bring him home soon. Jack can do better than Sharon she deserves Brad. Phyllis was not the bad guy it was Brad and Sharon that both cheated. Keep Lauren and Micheal together they are so cute and Gloria needs to go I us to like her but you can not keep drugging people.

    Brooke is a tramp hate her and Rick is to old for Phoebe and to young for Ashley that show has no morals.

    Carly and Jack. Katie and Brad or just send her away. Over Gwen and Will keep them together but enough. Cleo makes me sick her teeth and blinking. Love Lucinda

    Reva and Josh hate Cassie. Billy and Frank do need women but not Cassie. Wish Tammy and Johnathan and Sara could come back. Do some thing again with Lizzie. I record to and fast forward over Cassie but if Josh becomes a preacher I'm not going to record.

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