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    NBC fans tell it like it is!

    Wednesday, May 23 2007

    NBC's Passions fans tell all!
    NBC Soap fans tell it like it is! Read their thoughts on the show and let us know who you're in agreement with and how you feel about what's going on with Days of Our Lives and Passions ! Stay tuned to hear what ABC fans and
    CBS fans have to say about their stories!

    Days of Our Lives:

    Debbie Z.: I am 46 yrs old and have been watching Days of our Lives since I was 16. I was so happy to see that Tony was coming back. He brought so much excitement to the show. I also saw that Anna and Stefano were coming back!!! This will definitely be a great thing. I am so happy!!!

    McKinsey M.: I just wanted to say, that I love the show Days of our Lives I've been watching that show ever since I was a little girl. Now I'm attached to the show, I hope it doesn't go off the air for a long time. It's my number 1 show.

    Judy S.: Bo and Hope should be the new mainstay of Days, they are the most stable couple on Days. Please don't let them leave.

    Shari-Ann M.: I'd like Sammi have twin boy and girl. This will neat to watch. If she has girl a good name would be Romanlyn. If a boy it be Lucas JR .

    Jodi L.: What a great actor. The plot between EJ and Sami is worth watching. I hope to continue to see EJ.

    Christine E.: I have been following Days on my computer at work for years. I keep hoping they will come up with a better story line. They should leave Sami alone let her have a start at a good life have her baby get a home with Lucas and take care of Will. Let Kate finally get what she needs a man to stop her from sticking her nose in her Children's lives. Billy could be a great, give her a better story line like she is working for John Black and they have been setting the stage for a great show down with Stefano and Tony.

    Cheryl B.: I would like to see the ratings go up. Please bring back Shane/Kimberly,Eugene/Calliope,Justine/Adrienne,Anna/Alex. We need to see more of Bo and Hope. I cant believe I have only seen them once a week in the last two or three months. They have been on the show for a long time. I really miss them. Please show more of Bo /Hope Brady. Thank You A Fan For Many Years!

    Mary S.: I just wanted to say, please leave Sami and Lucus alone, so they can marry and be happy for a while. Sami is really trying to change and they really do belong together.

    Howard C.: I have watched "Days" for many years! Please do all you can to keep it on the air. It is the "Best Soap" on TV. Please give my "BEST" to Frances Reid. She is a Great Actress. I hope she is doing better. I miss her on the show. It's not the same without her. Keep up the Great Work! I am looking forward to many more years of Days Of Our Lives."

    Rachel B.: Ms. Sweeney and Mr. Mascolo are the main reason I've watched "Days" all these years. Glad to hear "Stefano" will be back, hopefully for longer than foreseen! I wish "Sami" could get a break! Even if only for a while, because Allison is such a great actor, her portrayal of Sami's frenetic, "always on edge" behavior is what keeps me entertained! Love it!

    LoLo: Very cool! What can I say… I love everything about Days!

    Holly H.: I love days!!! I have been watching it all my life and now I'm 20!!! So thank you for it. I think you should bring Kristin Storms back to play Belle!!!! I love her.

    Serina B.: I think that they should bring Carrie back, but without Austin if need be. Hogan Sheffer could make her a widow. Maybe she could come back pregnant with Austin's baby. I don't believe for one second that she can't have kids. Salem is turning into yawn city.

    Robin M.: Days is getting boring. I have been a fan for over 25 years and I can honestly say that I am more bored now than when Marlena was possessed by the devil. Give me a break, soap operas are one thing but total boredom is another. Bring back something interesting; this EJ/Sami/Lucas is the same as Stefano/Marlena/John on more boring. I love the cast and seeing all the children and grandchildren grow faster to adulthood than my whole pregnancy took is amazing, but no one ever gets old except poor Alice. Change the subjects or get better writers do something please.

    Sue H.: I am so tired of seeing the show around the Dimeras, can't you write a new plot to keep old viewers interested. It is getting a little old and you need to come up with new plots.

    Denisa C.: For once my aunts and I would like to see Sami happy. We are sick of Sami always being up in the air. I am 36 and have been with this soap for 30 years and my aunts have watched from the start. Another thing we are getting tired of is the same old stories but different people. Also the way the stories are dragged out for 3 months at a time.

    Sherrie C.: I think Lucas is a doll but I wish someone would work with him on his kissing. It is not sexy for a man to smack every time he kisses and it's like he's afraid to have a long kiss. He just pecks over and over making that noise.
    He would be a lot more appealing if this was addressed.

    Jeanie B.: I have watched Days from day one & am very disappointed by the way it is going now. It would be nice to see the kind of show it used to be. You have made it nothing but trash. I no longer watch it.

    Brenda J.: Is Days ignoring the fact that Phillip and Mimi have a baby out there being carried by a surrogate? Also one of the ways to get better ratings is to have more believable story lines. How stupid to have Phillip going after Shawn and Belle for a child that is not his. Also why make Lexi and Tek disappear and leave it hanging?

    Karin M.: What about the story line of MIMI and Phillips baby. I'm tired of Phillip going after Shawn and Belle's baby. His and Mimi's baby should have arrived by now. Even though Bonnie isn't on the show they could bring back the girl that is carrying Phillips baby and give him a new life and a new girlfriend!

    MK M.: Hi I am 13 years old and I love Days of our Lives but some things are starting to make me mad. You should have EJ go good and fall in love with someone else and Abby and Max should get together. This would totally spice up the show.

    NBC's Days fans tell all!
    Passions fans tell it like it is:

    Maria P.: I am really impressed with the show right now. I love watching it. I have told all my friends at school to watch it and love it. Though I do ask that you keep Luis and Fancy together because Sheridan is an idiot and more.... please don't let Luis die, or let Miguel go to jail. Put Miguel and Kay together as well as Fancy and Luis and maybe get Luis to purpose to Fancy when he is out of this disaster and doesn't die

    Lana H.: I watch it every day and would like to see a wedding between Theresa and Ethan. I'd also like to see Sheridan and Luis together, not Fancy and Luis! There is NO chemistry between them.

    Dennis W.: Please bring back Alistair as a good guy!

    Chassity W.: First of all I think Miguel is innocent because he did not run over Fox because when so called judge Riley asked Fox who was behind that thing or whatever, he got it wrong so that's your proof that Miguel is innocent. Fox is blind, he's just blaming all of this on Miguel so that he can be with Kay. Luis is innocent too so ya'll should let them go.

    Rosa S.: I have been watching Passions for years and I don't agree with Luis being with Fancy. Every time I think of Passions I think of Theresa with Ethan and Luis and Sheridan together.

    Sadie B.: The actors are good actors but the writers write such crazy stuff. I'm surprised it
    has not been taken off the air!

    Tammie L: I think that the show could be better. What's up with Theresa everyone is out to get her! I hope she and Ethan stay together because they're so right for each other.

    Amalia T: why make the show so boring? Why do the secrets take long to come out the show? It's not as good as it used to be. welcomes all NBC fans to leave a comment to let us know what you think! For those who are also fans of ABC and
    CBS soaps, check back with us later this week to read what else is on viewers minds.

    Christine Fix

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    Posted by ejfan at Friday, June 01 2007 05:13 PM

    I love Sami and EJ together. They have an undeniable chemistry onscreen and I would love to see EJAMI happen. It doesn't hurt that EJ is so gorgeous!

    Posted by eriegirl at Friday, June 01 2007 06:34 PM

    I have been watching DOOL since the beginning...I have to admit it has lost it's luster lately. PLEASE bring back some decent storylines, or at least, shorter ones! I was sooo looking forward to Steve and Kayla coming back, but this storyline is way too much...Patch would never be this way...I watch the 80's on the archieve's sites and even the promos were better than the current storylines..Please, DOOL will never stay on the air if it keeps going down the current path. DOOL set the bar for other soaps, please RAISE THAT BAR AGAIN!! I am truly getting tired of the whinning and crying Sami every freaking day..let her be happy for a change..I dont even care if it's EJ..just stop the crying is too painful to watch! We need the main characters back and I think it's time to get rid of some extra driftwood....

    Posted by Beaj at Monday, June 04 2007 06:39 AM

    I, too have been watching Days of Our Lives for about 21years and I am very bothered by the Shawn/Belle/Phillip storyline. Shelle deserves a chance at happiness, and Phillip should be trying to find/raise HIS biological child and except the god-father honor he once gave Shawn in reference to Claire. To have Victor and Phillip bribe people is a bit much. We all know that money makes the world go around but it has never, nor will it ever buy happiness.

    Really happy to see Sami have a wedding day and get a husband at the end of the day. She, too deserves a little happiness.

    As for Kate and Phillip I would just as happy if they were no longer on the show. The new writers made some promises and I am hoping they do not break them.

    Posted by GoldFinch at Wednesday, June 06 2007 10:48 PM

    Thank goodness Days is finally getting back to the good story lines with our favorite characters...Stefano and Tony coming back is great, but my favorites are Bart and Rolf...the Laural and Hardy of daytime...Now, if they will just keep Sami and Lucas a little more in the lime-light along with Bo and Hope, and John and Marlena, and Nick and Chealse, all will be better than GREAT...It also wouldn't hurt to keep up some return visits from Jack, Frankie, Shane, Kim, Mickey, Adriane, and let's never forget Vivian and all the fun she provided with her quirks and costumes...there are so many cameo visits and vignettes that could push my favorite soap right back up to the top of the ratings---where it belongs---forever...

    Posted by goharvick at Saturday, June 09 2007 05:36 AM

    The last two weeks of Days have been the best in a very long time. Thank you DOOL for bring back Tony and Stefano and for giving Sami and EJ great scenes! Days needs to stop ignoring the magic of Sami and EJ and put them together!!

    Posted by FreshLilacs at Saturday, June 09 2007 10:56 AM

    I agree that Ejami has AMAZING chemistry (unlike Shelle), and I am still holding out for real romance between them one day, as I have been pretty much from the first day they met when EJ was in a towel. James Scott is one sexy, beautiful man!

    I am loving the return of the Dimeras, as well as the return of John, they make the show very interesting. The less Shelle I see, the more satisfied I am with the show, and the less fast forwarding I have to do! They just bore me to death,and their SLs have been pretty drab for awhile now.

    Overall, Days has been improving significantly!

    Posted by september82 at Monday, June 11 2007 01:41 PM

    I love both of the soaps i have been watching days for almost 15 yrs and i have been watching Passions since it started. I am EXTREMLY upset with the fact that i still will not be able to watch in here in Canada. PLS get someone to take it here in canada. PLs keep Dool going cuz its still one of my fave soaps.

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