B&B in U.S. ranked last

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B&B in U.S. ranked last

Postby jerder » Thu Jul 26, 2018 1:56 am

I quit watching the show for six months, then came back and now am leaving again, this time for good. And so glad my daughter, 40 and the hundred+ in their group that crosses several states is ditching B&B too. 1. We're sick of the writers continuing to paint the 'Logan' girls as self-righteous, holier than thou women who are soooooooooooo good even after Brooke had an affair with Bill while he was still married to Katie behind her back and even became pregnant with his child, Katie ditched Wyatt because he told Liam the truth about what Bill did after telling him she would stand by any decision he made and is now buddy buddy with Brooke again but doesn't think Wyatt should move on with Sally and Hope acts like such a saint even though she started causing trouble for Steffy the minute she came back into the picture yet curses Steffy for the same thing; and Brooke, well Brooke is still the same sleeze she has always been justifying everything she does and has done whether it was having an affair with Bill behind her sister's back, cheating on Ridge with Eric, Hope's father, and every other man that came along and is still doing it, etc. 2. First the writer's have Steffy maturing into a strong woman and CEO of Forrester and now turning her into a woman who is willing to marry Bill even though she doesn't love him and lets him be her puppeteer even after she saw how he treated Liam and Wyatt and knowing he is the reason Liam turned to Hope. The old Steffy would have fought for Liam on her own terms and confronted both Hope and Brooke and NOT let Bill or anyone else manipulate her, would have confronted Liam face to face over what she saw but now the writers have turned her into a person who is caving to Bill's ideas. Steffy told Hope not that long ago that it was up to Liam to decide who to marry and both of them should stay back and Liam decide on his own which showed how much her character had matured. But now Brooke, the witch, will be saying "I told you so after having already shoved the idea of Hope being so sweet and innocent, and pure and Steffy having such a rotten character down Liam's throat to prove she was right". And Liam, he alone has stayed the same and is a gutless pathetic little boy that let's everyone control him. Steffy is only one that let him be himself. And how the writer's changed Taylor's character is downright nauseating turning her from a strong independent woman and psychiatrist to a whining crying wimp. Walking with a cane doesn't change a person's character. It was refreshing to see Bill get his comeuppance from both of his sons and his sidekick Justin, but now the writer's have once again written Bill into scenes as still being the conniver who always has a price and is willing to use his own son Liam to get Steffy when he is the one who sent Justin to sneak around and try to get a photo of Liam and Hope together (it was only a hug) then showing Steffy that as proof Liam and Hope were seeing each other behind her back which wasn't even true. Jeeze, the writers need to get off their 25 yr. merry go round and bring other adults in to go after Hope and Steffy instead of Liam and Bill. And first they brought Ridge and Brooke back together and married them with all the bull talk of bringing the family back together and then pit Ridge and Bill against each other, now Ridge and Hope against each other, and once again they have Brooke running the marriage and telling Ridge what to do and not letting Ridge have any kind of say so about Liam and Hope or Steffy unless it's what Brooke wants. Sickening. I have seen more and more negative remarks on ratings sites, etc. about the Bold and the Beautiful. Thank God for the Young and the Restless. Once B&B was the only soap I watched and wished it were an hour long, but now so glad I have the Young and the Restless to watch instead. Ever notice that B&B rarely wins ANY Emmy's at all regardless of how many nominations they get. I WONDER WHY!

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Re: B&B in U.S. ranked last

Postby Nellegoaway » Wed Aug 01, 2018 1:13 am

I too am sick the same thing b&b has been putting out. Can’t they write something anything else other then the stupid love triangles and swap my spouse?I mean with Maya it was something different something new the soap had never done before. Do something different to draw people back b&b!!!! This is why I just read the spoilers and not watch the show b&b hoping that something new will happen to make me watch the show!!!!

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Re: B&B in U.S. ranked last

Postby Fishstick » Mon Aug 06, 2018 1:32 pm

Wonder how B & B ranks in Europe? They claim it's super popular over there.

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Re: B&B in U.S. ranked last

Postby loveridge » Wed Aug 22, 2018 8:00 am

the show is boring I dont watch it anymore it should be cancelled

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