Predictions, what do we think will happen????

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Predictions, what do we think will happen????

Postby lakotasmommy » Sat Jul 14, 2018 3:22 am

Big cliffhanger, previews for Monday's episode include Griffin asking (I am assuming ) Ava "who ARE you? Perhaps Ava, upon realizing Nelle is planning on killing Michael, finally comes clean about the blanket. Nelle may rat out Ava about the paternity test Griffin illegally performed on Peter and Faison.

Carly will smell Michael's cologne on Oscar and make the connection via Joss, and Ava to Nelle.

The note with invisible ink will be re-discovered, perhaps Ava will come clean on the invisible ink (as well as the baby blanket)

Chase may confirm Carly's claims at Morgan's grave site, regarding the cologne and note. This will link both the note and cologne to Nelle.

Perhaps, if they prove thru the existence of the blanket, there was no crime (Carly never pushed Nelle), therfore Carly was falsly charged. therfore she never should have been semt to Ferncliff. She was defending herself against Mary Pat and perhaps no charges.

I also believe there is a connection between the baby and Brad, as he has access to manipulat the lab specimens. Several have speculated that Brad may be the father, what if lucas is really the father (without his knowledge). Brad would have access to a "specimen", and could have used it to inseminate Nelle, Lucas looks a lot like Michael, so physically the baby could easily pass for Michaels baby. Also, Brad could switch out Lucas's DNA for Michaels when sending the specimen's for paternity. What I do not understand, is how Brad would expect to get the baby that Nelle would want to hold onto Michael.

I am hoping Nelle ends up at Ferncliif, where she belongs!!!!

This is all just speculation, what are other viewers thinking, and predicting?????

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