SOD Spoiler - Liam/Steffy/Hope

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Re: SOD Spoiler - Liam/Steffy/Hope

Postby naturewoman » Fri Jun 15, 2018 12:36 am

The way Liam talks about baby Kelly, I don't know. Just when someone on soaps are that happy, something goes wrong. That's why something BIG is going to happen. I think it's that Bill is the father. Meanwhile, Hope is happy in her relationship, hopefully Wyatt. Then, Liam goes after Hope again. After all, he wouldn't want to raise his father's child.

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Re: SOD Spoiler - Liam/Steffy/Hope

Postby billsgal » Fri Jun 15, 2018 4:31 am

Steffy has already told him, kelly is her priority and regardless who is the father she's steffy's daughter. Steffy hasn't tried to use kelly to hold him and has told him she's perfectly fine on her own which she's shown as she's the one constantly seeing to her needs. Pam is itching to get over there and take care of that baby and ridge volunteers as well, even quinn said she's going to spoil her rotten, so kelly is no reason for liam to give up his one true love. Leaving now is best because steffy has already accepted it, too bad liam doesn't recognize that this time, steffy is a little less afraid of his leaving.

Everyone is going on and on about liam leaving because his side piece is still waiting in the wings. The twist is going to be that steffy is going to finally be the one to say bye and unlike liam and hope, when she walks away, she usually doesn't bother liam at all.

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