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Postby d00l1fan » Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:26 am

This is Us – Season 2 - Episode 7 – “The most Disappointed Man.”

Baby Randall’s adoption is underway with a few complications. At the first hearing, Judge Bradley postpones it by 3 weeks because the social worker (Paula) wasn’t present in court. Jack and Rebecca are confused because their social worker said all the paperwork submitted (Which Judge Bradley has) is all that was needed. When they see the Judge in the hallway of the court house, they want to know what the problem is. Judge Bradley, hesitantly, grants them a private meeting and tells them he feels that Randall should be placed with and raised by a black family.

Jack and Rebecca are dismayed as the Judge continues. He questions how Randall will see himself as he grows up and understand who he is. Judge Bradley, who is black, cites his own issues as a child with his black identity. He says he understood that he, his family and friends were black but never really understood his blackness until a white man used a derogatory word against him. After his father explained what it meant and the pain it caused, is how he came to understand.

Rebecca speaks up, trying to explain Randall’s circumstances but the Judge says he will not change his mind. Heartbroken, they leave. By the end of the episode, Judge Bradley has recused himself. The new judge, a black woman, signs off on Randall’s adoption with no problems.

Last week, Rebecca told Jack that he shouldn’t keep letting Kate have her way. (This was about a last minute costume change for Kate) and Jack told her she does the same thing with Randall, always gives in to him and lets him have his way.

I know Rebecca and Jack love their children. It just seems like Rebecca has had to fight harder for Randall than her biological kids. For everything. From snide, maybe racist remarks from strangers. Her own Mother’s bias. Randall, of all the kids, seemed to need more assurances and Rebecca fights hard to give him that. Even blocking William from having anything to do with Randall was an effort to protect him at all costs.

In Last week’s episode titled “The 20’s.’’ (I did not do the recap) Young Randall finds out about “Kyle” (The baby that died). While trick or treating, Randall refused to go to the Larson’s house (He crossed them off his best-route-to-take-for-the-best-candy-map) because they told him he was a “miracle” after Jack and Rebecca lost a baby. I guess he took “lost” literally before Rebecca explained. I noticed she didn’t tell him that he (Randall) was actually named Kyle before they changed it.
We see a young adult William in this episode. He’s before a judge, having been arrested for drugs. He’s pleaded guilty and not able to post bail. He’ll stay in jail until his sentencing hearing. Judge Crowder notes that William has no record of any kind and finds it disappointing that he’s there. Williams tells the judge that in the last year, he lost his mother, his girlfriend and his baby boy. So when he sees the drug dealers on every corner, he buys and uses. He feels the judge would probably do so too if he were living his life. Therefore, the judge’s disappointment doesn’t compare to his own.

Later, Judge Crowder comes to see William. Telling him that if William is the most disappointed man on earth, the judge is a close second. He goes on to tell him that every day, he writes terrible stories and he can’t change the endings, which is disappointing. (He’s talking about the sentences he hands down daily). He wants to help William change his ending. He only asks that William remember his face. Remember the judge who didn’t want to write his ending and to use it as a reminder whenever he starts heading down the wrong road again.

An older William is talking to his doctor about his cancer not responding to treatment. There’s nothing more they can do so the doctor suggests that he enjoy what time he has left. He intends to do just that by getting high. He has his drug paraphernalia in front of him on his table when he hears a knock at his door. He quickly hides everything in a paper bag and answers the door. It’s Randall, who introduces himself and lets him know, he turned out alright.

We know that William’s name never appeared on any documentation as Randall’s father. Yet the agency Randall used was able to find William. How? Why haven’t we seen anything about Randall’s biological mother too?
Kevin, unfortunately, is headed down the same road as Jack. He’s still popping pills and has been putting Sophie off for weeks, making excuse after excuse. He gets a call from Kate and Toby, who are over the moon about sharing their special news. Once they do (by way of T-shirts with the word “baby” on them, Toby’s arrow pointing to Kate and Kate’s arrow point to her belly) Kevin congratulates them.

Before Kevin heads back to NY, he stops by a jeweler to buy Sophie a ring. He can’t make up his mind so he buys 3 of them so she can choose for herself. Kevin finally shows up at the hospital only to find that Sophie isn’t there. He walks around, making his way to the nursery. As he’s looking at new parents and their babies, he thinks of his life. (These scenes are kind of a montage).

The first, is of Kevin, in a haze, which is interrupted by Sophie, who's trying to comfort their crying son. Kevin shakes pills out of the pill bottle as Sophie asks if he heard the baby crying. This segues into Kevin sitting on the couch next to his son (who seems to be about 3-4 years old now) while drinking a beer. An exasperated Sophie tells him to give his son some fatherly advice, Kevin says he has none. The next scene is of Kevin walking through his living room as his son (about 8 or 9 years old) is playing. When his son asks him to play, Kevin says “later”. Kevin is jolted awake, still waiting at the hospital for Sophie.

Kevin eventually shows up at Sophie’s home, sweaty, looking a bit confused. She’s been worried about him, not knowing where he was after she heard he had come to the hospital looking for her earlier. She tries to get him to come in, but he resists, saying he "doesn’t know how to do this." He rambles on about buying "3" and how he doesn’t know how to be a husband to her or a father to their kids. He has nothing to give her, he’s an empty shell. Sophie is confused. He basically says the person she sees is a phony, just a guy who plays a part. A guy who can't be like his dad. When he dreams of their future, it’s more of a nightmare. This is followed by “I don’t want to hurt you.” Well it doesn’t feel like cotton candy and rainbows Kevin.
Kate and Toby are the happiest they’ve ever been. Now that they’ve told Kevin about her pregnancy, Kate’s ready to tell Toby’s mother. Toby is nervous and thinks they should wait. At least until after all of her judge shows are over. Kate thinks he's scared to tell her because they’re having a baby out of wedlock. Toby reminds Kate that when they told her about them moving in together, she cried, and not in a good way. Toby freaks out after Kate dials the number and hands him the phone.

He thinks it’s too early, she’s watching her judge shows, he knows she won’t pick up the phone because she's watching her judge shows and if the messenger picks up, should he leave that kind of news on it. Kate takes the phone and hangs it up, much to Toby’s relief. Kate then says, “let’s get married”. I’m guessing the news of her being pregnant won’t give Toby’s mother a heart attack if they are married.

They head to the court house to get the paperwork for their quickie wedding. Once there, the magic and excitement wear off. Toby thought his wedding would be different and Kate’s practical side kicks in. They’ll save a ton of money, she won’t have to agonize over a dress or the fact that the prettiest ones aren’t in her size. She’s especially happy about not hearing people tell her how Jack would have loved her wedding day, walking her down the aisle and that father-daughter dance.

Back at home, while Kate’s out, Toby has a heart to heart with Jack’s urn. Kate loves weddings and he’s sure she’d want one despite what she said at the courthouse. When Kate gets home, Toby informs her that he told his mother. She cried and will call her priest. He starts removing layers of hoodie jackets, spelling out “will-you-marry-me?” on them. On bended knee, he says she deserves a real wedding. He even talked it over with Jack. Kate says yes.
Randall is getting ready to take Deja to a court ordered visit with her mother in prison. Deja is happy as she wears a dress her mother likes. Once at the prison, they meet up with Linda, Deja’s social worker. Linda says this visit is special because there won’t be any glass between them or phones. She’ll be able to hug her mother. The process is tedious, going through the metal detectors, dog sniffers, scans, etc.

After a long wait, Linda says Shauna isn’t coming. Shauna has the right to opt out. This confuses Randall since this is a mandatory visit. In a condescending tone, Randall says he wonders if anyone really looks out for these kids. Linda shuts him down by telling him a story of a little girl who went deaf because her parents neglected to get preventable treatment for an ear infection when she was a baby. She’s tried to place the child with a family. All of whom seem promising until they find out the little girl is deaf. Linda has the heartbreaking job of telling that little girl that she doesn’t have a family just yet. She tells Randall not to question her job. Randall apologizes.

They tell Deja that because of a mix up, they aren’t authorized to see Shauna today. Although Deja is disappointed, she wants to give her mother the money she’s been saving up, so her mom can get things she needs while in prison. (This tugged at my heart. How this little girl is fighting for her mother. Even though she’s gone through some difficult things because of her. I hope Shauna gets her *$!% together for the sake of Deja, who loves her so.)

At home, Beth is pissed that the visit didn’t go as planned. She runs down the list of things Shauna has put Deja through and now this, opting out of the visit. Beth threatens not to let Deja go back there despite the court order. Randall decides to see Shauna. Face to face, he sees that she is bruised and battered. He introduces himself and Shauna immediately tells him she didn’t want Deja to see her face like that. Randall reads her the riot act of parenting, and being committed to it. Saying Deja is better off with his family. They get along and will give her what she needs.

Shauna hits back and says Randall shouldn’t judge her. He knows nothing of her life and the only good thing she has in it is Deja. She will come back for her once she gets out. Randall says she’ll have to go through him. Shauna says she’s been through worse.

At home, Randall explains to Beth how the visit went. He’s now thinking about William, who was lost and alone. He thinks about his parents who he knows wondered if they did everything they could for him. Now they have to make difficult choices for Deja. Randall gave Shauna their phone number, so she could call collect and talk to Deja. Shauna calls and Deja is happy and laughing as she talks to her mother, while Beth and Randall look on.

Sophie knows Kevin is spiraling out of control, why not let someone in his family know?

As it turns out, Judge Bradley and Judge Crowder know each other. Small world.

In last week’s episode, Kevin asked Kate if she still sat in her car, eating fast food and staring at where the old house used to be. He goes on to say that “he’s gone and not coming back”. Even if she sat there in the same exact spot when he left, he’s still not coming back.

Is this a clue? Was Kate there the night Jack died? Did she not help him? Is this why she blames herself?

We also got to see that, after Beth helped Rebecca sign up for Facebook, Miguel contacted her. He congratulated her on becoming a grandmother. I guess it’s their beginning.

I’m sure there are some things I forgot but this is long enough…lol…Until next time.

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Re: This Is Us

Postby d00l1fan » Sat Dec 23, 2017 1:16 pm

I don't know why Justin Hartley wasn't nominated for a Golden Globe but congrats to both Sterling K. Brown and Chrissy Metz for their noms. The show itself was also nominated. Good luck!

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Re: This Is Us

Postby d00l1fan » Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:29 pm

This Is Us - Season 2 - Episode 11 - "The Fifth Wheel"

Congratulations to Sterling K. Brown on his historic win at the 75th Golden Globe Awards and welcome back to the second half of -This is Us - Season 2.

As I’ve said before, Kleenex stock has to have jumped a few points thanks to This is Us. :D

In this episode, we have a therapy session with the Pearsons at Kevin’s rehab facility. Although spouses and boyfriends tagged along, they were not invited to the session itself.

Flashback, Jack surprises the family with a mini vacation to a friend’s cabin. Young Kevin is away at football camp, which isn’t far from the cabin. He joins them later.

Rebecca wants to curb Kate’s eating habits and points out to Jack, that everything exciting to Kate about the cabin, revolves around food. She feels Jack never says no to Kate. Which Jack admits is hard for him. Before Kevin can share his excitement about the trophies he got from camp, Rebecca warns him not to make fun of Randall wearing glasses. Later Jack takes Kate and Kevin to play flag football, but Kate tires quickly and wants to stop. Jack tells her she needs the exercise. The game is stopped altogether because Kate and Jack argue, leaving Kevin angry.

While Rebecca and Randall are reading, Kevin throws the football at Randall and calls him “four eyes”. Later, when Randall can’t find his glasses, Rebecca thinks Kevin took them. Kevin gets angrier and shouts at Rebecca, telling her he hates her.

Flash Forward to the therapy session where Kevin apologizes to everyone. Barbara (the therapist) pushes a bit further, getting Kevin to open up about what led him to this point. Kate thinks Kevin is finally going to talk about Jack’s death but instead, Kevin tells them that he’s always felt second to Kate and Randall, in their parents’ eyes.

He believes this is where his compensatory behavior comes from, leading to his addiction. Noting Jack’s addiction to alcohol and Kate’s addiction to food.

The therapist wants to know why Rebecca never talked to her children about their father’s alcoholism. She says she didn’t want the one thing that made Jack imperfect to mar their memory of him. His death was a hard reminder of Jack not being there to walk Kate down the aisle and Jack not being around when Randall’s children were born.

Barbara points out that Rebecca didn’t say anything about Jack not being there for Kevin, which Kevin thinks is typical of his mom.

Kevin starts to lay into Rebecca, prompting Randall to come to her defense. Randall’s tired of holding his tongue and listening to Kevin whine about his childhood. He says Kevin is spoiled and the only thing he’s addicted to, is attention.

Kevin accuses Randall of twisting things around and when Rebecca defends Randall, which is also “typical” to Kevin, he wants his mother to admit that Randall is her favorite, which she denies.

Randall alludes to Kevin’s life being a never-ending movie. When he isn’t getting attention, he creates problems so that all eyes are on him. Kevin takes exception to this and calls Randall out, asking Randall why his daughter Tess, ended up in Kevin’s car. Kevin says Tess was trying to avoid the “Randall Show”. Starring Randall, the abandoned, black baby adopted by white people.

Randall brought his dying, biological father, to live with his family without considering how they felt about it. Randall brought a strange girl to live with them while Tess sat in the background, watching. Something Kevin relates to. When Randall has had enough, he gets up to leave and Rebecca goes after him.

Kevin says this is predictable Rebecca, chasing after Randall when he’s upset. Randall threatens Kevin to watch how he’s talking to their mother, but Kevin keeps poking at her. He wants his mother to admit that she loves Randall more and he’s her favorite, which she denies.

Flustered, Rebecca breaks down and yells that it was easier with Randall, who never recoiled when she wanted to hug him, and he wasn’t angry at her for no reason. He also, didn’t abandon her and move away after Jack died.

Gut-punched. :(

Flashback, young Kevin is on the cabin porch, reading a comic book when Rebecca brings him some dinner. He’s still mad at her. Later, Kevin wakes to the sounds of thunder and rain and realizes Kate and Randall are not in their beds. When he spots Randall’s glasses under the bottom bunk, he grabs them and rushes to his parents’ room to tell them he had found the glasses.

Jack and Rebecca are asleep, along with Kate and Randall. There’s no room in the bed for him, so he gets a pillow and blanket to sleep next to the bed. Later, Rebecca wakes to find Kevin on the floor. She lays next to him and falls asleep.

Flashforward, Kate and Randall join Kevin as he sits on a bench outside. They talk about how their issues now, as adults, tie in with their childhood and Jack’s death. Randall sums it up best. Everyone sees things differently through their own lens. Even though all three grew up in the same household, they all saw things differently. They each apologize.

Rebecca waits for Kevin in his room. She tells him that she never thought she had to worry about him. And she knows they had good moments.

During the therapy session, Miguel, Beth and Toby end up at a bar (The Sasquatch) drinking beers and toasting that they are the new “Big Three”. They talk about how the actor in Kevin made his entrance with clasped hands and a bow. An overgrown Mr. Miyagi, as Toby puts it.

Even a month later, Beth is still reeling from Tess having seen her Uncle arrested. She complains about Randall expecting her to just forgive Kevin and his behavior. It’s always a difficult conversation between the two. Beth labels this the “Pearsons No-Fly Zone”. Toby and Miguel can relate, having been challenged with the same thing.

Talking about Jack is the “Air Strike Zone”. They all, to some degree, feel like outsiders when it comes to the Pearsons. Toby compares this to being like Chewbacca, being present but not really being on the inside. Miguel takes it a step further and says he’s the nameless fighter pilot.

After the therapy sessions ends, and before Toby gets a chance to talk to Kate about finding empty junk food containers in the garbage, Kate admits she hasn’t been keeping up with healthy eating.

I’ve always thought that Rebecca felt she had to protect Randall from the world, so to speak, but she never thought she would have to do so in her own home. Like from her mother’s racist comments or Kevin’s mean behavior. Her constant worry about Kate’s weight and how it affected her self-esteem and Jack’s drinking always put Rebecca in a defensive mode. Everybody needed her more than Kevin, so she thought.

Next week’s promo says that a burning question will be answered. Then it shows Kevin asking Miguel if he was in love with his mother when Jack was alive.

I didn’t know that was a burning question. The only question I thought ruled out any other question is, how did Jack die? I thought we would get another clue during the therapy session but, no dice.

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Re: This Is Us

Postby d00l1fan » Thu Jan 25, 2018 2:58 pm

This Is Us – Season 2 – Episode 13 – “That’ll be the day.”

I'm re-posting this recap because of the typos in the original one. I apologize for that.

Flashback -This week’s episode starts off with an older couple going through old boxes as they prepare to sell their house. The wife doesn’t believe anyone wants to buy a house filled with old stuff. As she removes a dusty cover from an old jukebox, the husband reminds her that she used to play that jukebox when she came into his diner. Her song of choice was “That’ll be the day” by Buddy Holly. He sings a few lines as they dance but she still wants him to throw it out.

Rebecca greets Jack, in bed, with pregame shots of orange juice, per their tradition, substituting whiskey for vitamin C this year. As he peruses through the real estate ads, he tells her that since he can’t just quit his job to start a new company, he should try flipping houses. Rebecca thinks that’s a good idea.

Kate interrupts them to complain about Randall hogging the bathroom. Rebecca thinks he just wants to look nice for Allison, a girl he likes. Once Jack gets Randall to get out of the bathroom, he and Rebecca are reminded that this is their last Super Bowl together with the kids, as they’ll all be heading to college soon.

Flashforward– Kevin has a list of people he needs to make amends with. He texts Randall several times before Randall replies that he “cannot do a K-venture today” because he’s heading to the apartment building to do work.

Randall (bought William’s old apartment building in last week’s episode) is super excited about fixing it up while Beth is concerned about him going broke. Beth cautions Randall about taking his time over several months and try not to conquer the impossible in a day.

Kate comes upon Toby, looking at what she thought was porn, since he quickly closed his laptop. After she wrestles the laptop away from him, she finds that he was actually looking at dogs. He’s aware that dogs are a sensitive issue for Kate, but he couldn’t help himself after a coworker brought pictures of his adorable dog to work.

Beth and Randall introduce themselves, as the new landlords, of the tenants in the old building. They discuss how they will repair the building, starting with a list of priorities Beth made. But Rosemary needs her front door fixed, Lloyd needs his heater fixed and other tenants chime in about the washing machines, elevators, dumpsters, etc. When Randall starts another list, Beth thinks he’s moving too fast. Then Kevin shows up.

Flashback- Jack is putting the finishing touches on a built-in wall unit for the TV. He wants Kevin’s opinion about it, but Kevin (on crutches) really doesn’t care and says he has to fill out college applications at Rebecca’s insistence. Jack explains that he’s trying to keep himself busy. Rather than picking up a drink when he gets the urge, he picks up a hammer instead.

Flashforward- The tenant meeting is dispersing when Kevin offers to take on a task on Randall’s list, fixing Rosemary’s door. Beth attempts to point something out to Randall but he beats her to the punch, by saying all the things he thinks she was going to say. He knows he shouldn’t make promises that are hard to keep. He knows his excitement has gotten the best of him. But he feels he can do it because after all, his dad (Jack) was in construction. It’s in his blood. And with that, Beth gathers her things and leaves for work, wishing Randall the best of luck on her way out. He’s gonna need it.

Kevin, still wearing his leather jacket, is explaining his old show to Rosemary as he fixes her door. Once he’s done, he asks if there’s anything else he can do. Jokingly, she tells him about a wall her ex put up, which blocks the natural light.

Flashforward- Randall and his friend Allison are decorating football shaped cookies while Kevin fills out a college application. Jack is excited about the game. Allison asks Kevin if he’s applying at the same college as Sophie. Sarcastically, he says no. Rebecca says Kevin has to adjust his plans and he will go to community college and later transfer to a different college. Kevin (In a constant pissy mood) gets up to leave, eye roll and all.

Kate is nervous about a reply to her application. Jack snatches (what they hope is her acceptance) letter and opens it. It says she’s in the final round of applicants and needs to send in an original audition piece. Jack tries to convince her to send in a video of her singing, but Kate insists on an audio instead.

As Mama & Papa Pearson look on at Randall smiling and laughing with his love interest Allison, they take comfort in knowing that at least Randall still likes them.

Flashforward- Kevin, armed with a sledgehammer and Randall, carrying a tool box, make their way down a hall in the apartment building. Randall is feeling like Mr. Fix-it as he rolls up his sleeve, minus a cigarette pack. (The look on Kevin’s face as Randall does this, is priceless.)

In Rosemary’s apartment, Kevin, in his tank top, starts hammering at the wall. Rosemary is an audience of one at the moment. She sips her beverage and watches the “Manny” at work.
Randall is in Lloyd’s apartment, having a difficult time removing something from the wall. Lloyd looks on, unimpressed.

Back at Rosemary’s, she is joined by a few of her female neighbors, one of them records Kevin on her phone. Randall is now trying to unclog a toilet. A tenant observes as Randall then tries to flush the toilet using his feet. Kevin finishes the wall.

Kate visits an animal shelter, just to browse because her fiancé wants a dog. She tells an employee that she isn’t quite ready for one herself. Once she spots a dog named Audio, she gets excited.

Flashback – Kate, while singing into a microphone, records herself as she sits on her bed, in front of her mirror. Jack, secretly recording her on video, stays in the background so she doesn’t see him. Then Kate’s dog barks at Jack, disrupting Kate. When she sees that her dad is videotaping her, she becomes upset, yelling for him to stop and realize this is too stressful for her. She leaves. Jack tells her not to be mad at him because it’s Super Bowl Sunday.

Randall comes upstairs as Kate is leaving. Jack reminds him that the game is starting soon, but Randall has a change of plans and wants to take Allison to see “Titanic” for the seventh time. Jack is a bit disappointed, but he understands and tells him to go.

Jack catches up with Kate outside and apologizes. It’ll break his heart if the reason she doesn’t want to be on camera is because she doesn’t think she’s beautiful enough. Kate cuts him off, saying she doesn’t see herself the way he sees her and neither does anyone else. Reluctantly, Jack agrees to stop complimenting her if it makes her feel awkward.

Flashforward – Randall, feeling quite accomplished, calls Beth to needle her about her doubts and let her know that things are going smoothly. He teases that “Rome wasn’t built in a day, but his apartment building was”. While still talking to Beth, Lloyd shouts for him.

Randall is startled to see an invasion of cockroaches running out of a hole in the wall he made earlier. Beth asks if “there’s trouble in Rome, Caesar?” before Randall hurriedly hangs up.

Flashback- While Rebecca is struggling with a crock-pot, Kevin takes a call from Sophie. She got accepted into NYU and is going to celebrate with her parents. Kevin, halfheartedly, congratulates her before hanging up. Kevin is once again, rude to Rebecca when she tries to be encouraging about his own situation. He says he’s pissed and wishes she would shut up about community college. Jack warns him about how he talks to his mother. Kevin is frustrated that he’s not on his way to the Super Bowl (as in his football career) and is instead going to watch the Super Bowl with them. Then he decides not to even do that, he appoints himself the “bad guy again” and leaves for Sophie’s house. Jack and Rebecca are disappointed that another Pearson has left.

Kate, in her room with her dog, decides to look at the video Jack recorded earlier. As she looks at herself singing, she sees Jack’s reflection in the mirror. He seems very proud as he smiles at her. Kate watches this part of the tape again.

Flashforward- After Kate reveals that she’s a singer with a flexible schedule, she finds out that the reason the shelter named the dog Audio, is because he likes music. While waiting on Audio’s vaccination report, to finish up the paperwork, Kate flashes to the dog she had as a teen. Then she changes her mind about Audio. She doesn’t think it’ll work. She apologizes to him and leaves.

Randall relocates his tenants to a hotel and some of them feel like it’s an eviction. Kevin wants to finish up what he started and thinks it’s better if he keeps busy. Randall gives him a few minutes, then talk turns to Kevin’s list of people he needs to make amends with. He has doubts about one person in particular. They talk about Jack having to do the same with his list.

It’s a somber moment as Randall talks about Jack being gone longer than they had him, 20 years. Picturing himself as an old man is hard for him to do. He’s starting a new career a few years from turning 40 years old and trying to fix up an old building in the shortest amount of time. Kevin tells him he has nothing to worry about. He’s in good health, has a great family and Beth will never allow him to die. Besides all that, he’ll probably be like his other dad, William.

Flashback- Jack brings out snacks and drinks just before the game starts. When Kate appears, he thinks she’s going to join him and Rebecca, but instead, she tells him she watched the tape. She doesn’t want him to stop trying to make her see herself like he sees her. He agrees. She asks if she can go to her friend Molly’s house, who’s invited other people over to watch the game. Jack gives her permission since her brothers bailed on him.

Rebecca brings out bowls of chili as Kate leaves. She convinces Jack to try a corn muffin, hidden under the cloth is a real estate ad she cut out and circled. She thinks this can be one of the first houses he can flip, when he starts his business. Seeing how invested Rebecca is, he asks her to be his partner. After some back and forth, she accepts. With all of the excitement, they head upstairs.

Flashforward- At the hotel, Randall hands out beverages and snacks as the tenants wait for rooms to open up. When Beth shows up, Randall waits for her “I told you so”. She tells him he should always start with pest control and a list of other things. He should also realize that he’s never owned a building before and he should utilize his wife’s resourcefulness since she’s worked with under-served communities her whole career.

Flashback- As Rebecca puts food away, Kevin calls and apologizes to her. He wants to know if Jack is mad, Rebecca says no but he should talk to him. Kevin declines, wanting to wait until tomorrow. He informs her he’ll be staying the night at Sophie’s, on her couch. Rebecca leaves the food and heads upstairs.

Then we see Kevin tell Sophie about a party in the woods.

Flashforward- Kevin is waiting for Sophie outside of her home and she doesn’t look pleased to see him as she walks up. She asks if he’s okay. She can’t believe that, as a nurse, she couldn’t see how messed up he was. He’s the only man she’s ever truly loved and the only one who hurt her the way he has. She knows he didn’t mean to, but he did. She just wants to remember him like he was in their youth. She tells him to check her name off of his list. He tells her she wasn’t just any name on the list. Then they say their goodbyes.

Toby is working on his laptop (Porn-free) when Kate walks in. She tells him she went to the dog shelter and found the cutest dog. Cute like Jacob Tremblay. (The little boy from the movie Room) She thought about getting the dog, but it would remind her of- Toby cuts her off, shaking his head that he understands. But she changed her mind. Excited, Toby runs to the hallway where Audio is waiting.

Kevin returns to his mother’s house and finds a large envelope near the front door. It’s from Charlotte. She found Jack’s necklace, the one he left at her house a few weeks ago and returned it. He breathes a sigh of relief. He takes out his list and checks Sophie’s name off. He flips the list over to the last person, Dad.

Flashback- Kate’s lying in bed, with her headphones on, listening to an audio tape of her singing. Jack and Rebecca are asleep in their bed when Jack awakens to the sound of the front door closing. It’s Randall. He’s in the kitchen eating chili by the time Jack gets there. Jack wonders where Kevin is since Randall isn’t with him.

Randall is all smiles as he tells Jack he had a good time at the movies with Allison and that they kissed. He heads off to bed as Jack cleans up the kitchen. Once he’s finished, he writes Kevin a note and sticks it on his door.

The note says: “Kevin, if I don’t see you before work tomorrow, I love you. You owe us an apology. Dad.”

Jack locks up the house and pets Kate’s dog before taking a moment to look at the kids’ growth chart in a corner of the wall. He folds a red towel and places it on the countertop, near the crockpot. He turns it off. He then turns off the light in the kitchen and heads to bed.

Flashback-Flashback-The couple in the beginning of the episode is shown again. The wife tells her husband George, that someone wants to come see the house. Their real estate agent said it was a nice couple. Georges says okay, but isn’t too enthusiastic as he stacks boxes. His wife assures him that they’ll get new stuff when they sell the house. George grabs a box and heads to his neighbor’s house. He rings the doorbell and Jack answers it. Georges tells him someone is finally interested in his house. When a very pregnant Rebecca comes to the door, Georges hands them a box with a crock-pot in it. No more than two years old he says. He warns that they have to fiddle with the switch on it, but it works. Jack and Rebecca thank him, and he leaves.

Flashforward to the Flashback- The crock-pot switches on and short circuits. A small fire starts at the switch and burns, catching that red towel on fire. (We see Jack give Rebecca a beautiful diamond bracelet hidden in the folds of the red kitchen towels at Christmas.)

As the fire spreads, we a see montage of happy family moments. The last scene is of the fire reaching the staircase.

Well, I’ve wanted to get to this point for quite some time. How did Jack die? That’s been the biggest question for 2 seasons. Now we know, unless there’s some weird twist. And I’m not sure I want to know, now that I know.

I assume the oceans will rise come February 4th. Not only will we hear the cries from the fans of the team that loses the Super Bowl, we’ll hear the cries of every This Is Us fan, as we torture ourselves watching the most dreaded event on TV. Set your DVR's for extended time. The show will start at the end of the Super Bowl game.

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Re: This Is Us

Postby lomille » Thu Mar 22, 2018 5:01 pm

Soap fans: I'm not sure if I am allowed to post this but our favorite soap fan who started this thread Dool1fan PASSED away this month, March, 2018. I did not know her but someone posted it in another thread. I am in total shock. My deepest sympathy to her family and friends.

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Re: This Is Us

Postby Chrissi » Wed Apr 04, 2018 12:27 pm

lomille wrote:Soap fans: I'm not sure if I am allowed to post this but our favorite soap fan who started this thread Dool1fan PASSED away this month, March, 2018. I did not know her but someone posted it in another thread. I am in total shock. My deepest sympathy to her family and friends.

I'm so sorry to hear this. She was a good poster, a nice person. :cry:

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