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Re: Confess your unpopular opinion! (No Bash Zone)

Postby stjarna » Sun Feb 16, 2014 2:50 am

Quote dancie: some of the best stories have villains and at least the ones on this show are for the most part well played, like Stephano, Victor, Kate, Kristin, and some of the others who move in and out of that role like Nicole and Sammie.
I would like to see Carrie brought back for Rafe, they seemed to have as much if not more chemistry than him and Jordan.
And bring back some of the Hortons they need a transfusion of more family in that town. Maybe bring back Mike just not another Nick type, even tho the actor does play his slimy character rather well

I also would like to see Carrie back for Rafe! :D

oh, and bring back Chloe! Rather see her back then more new people come.... ;)

keep Liam!

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