Sabrina....BUD OUT......

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Re: Sabrina....BUD OUT......

Postby ransomha » Thu Jul 11, 2013 10:45 am

Quote WatFan: Just my opinion -

1. The doll incident is being blown way out of pro-portion. If a doll suddenly leaked on me, I'd probable freak a little too. And having a real live baby wet on you is expected not a flippin doll. If it's life-like, where's the diaper?

2. She tried to make ammends. Yeah she interupted kissing at work! Hello, they are less professional than him and Robin were - except they haven't been in the supply closet yet.

3. Sabrina - needs to give a little room. As far as they are concerned Brit is on the level and regardless - why is she stressing out a pregnant woman this bad.

4. As for Brit and Emma's attitude towards each other, they both have a bad attitude. And I don't think either one's behavior is acceptable. I don't care what Emma's been thru, it doesn't excuse rude behavior. If you cuddle kids too much because of what they been thru you turn out like Morgan. And Brit's an adult, she really shouldn't let a five year get to her - even though Emma's attitude would annoy me too.

Basically - Sabrina you have your man, the rest will fall in line. Chill out. If Brit is not on the up and up she will dig her own grave eventually.

Excellent excellent post!!! Agree with every single word!!!

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