Random Thoughts and/or Questions (No Spoilers)

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Re: Random Thoughts and/or Questions (No Spoilers)

Postby mauimama » Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:51 pm

I found it very interesting or intriguing that James Franco -- the original sicko Franco on GH - who "raped" Sam-, murdered people, etc-- has just been accused of sexual abuse,etc.

That guy gives me the creeps, period! But he was the PERFECT actor to play that sickening freak artist!

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Re: Random Thoughts and/or Questions (No Spoilers)

Postby Nightmoves » Wed Jan 10, 2018 4:10 pm

Stilitia wrote:
Nightmoves wrote:I haven't watched GH in a couple of years and really haven't come here and posted. I am happy I remembered my login.

I don't see many familiar posters but do see a lot of new ones!

I watched a couple of episodes recently and I really like Sam and Drew. I also was happy to see Jules and he's looking good. Can someone please tell me how he got out of prison and please don't tell me he saved the governor's daughter!

I haven't seen TB's new character does anyone have any comments on her?

I know I used to post on here many many years ago (when I say many, like 5-10 ish) had to take a break because of personal things (nothing dramatic or cray cray, just didn't allow me the time or chance) and unfortunately I don't think I recall many of the people I wrote with back then, so maybe I posted to you once or twice! :lol: (also I feel ya on the log in remembering, took me a good moment to figure it out lol)

Julian got out of prison because Alexis helped him. Scott told her he got beat and inch of his life so she went and visited Julian, she felt super guilty or something that he was in there and a target because of the mob life so Alexis went to Nora Buchanan and smi blackmailed her with truth to black mail with truth Julian's sister Olivia to say a statement that would exonerate Julian... Olivia did and voila they let him go.. boooo lol

I love TB!!!!!!!!!!! Her knew character so far I can't say much, we haven't seen her much nor much of her "agenda" When she first showed up in town as Oscars mom for meeting dinner with Carly and Sonny, she seemed like bull, force to be reckoned with. Once the kids were out and pleasantries were done, she flat said she knew exactly why kind of man Sonny is and doesn't care for it but will let her son go through this "phase" of dating Joss cause we all know it won't last. Then she became puddy when she saw Jason's face because he looks like his twin Drew.

Since then she's been very light on canvas here and there. Some of believe she may be the person Nelle spoke to on the phone since Nelle visited her behind closed doors even us fan didn't see for a pregnancy check.

To simply answer, so far who knows!

Hi and thank you for the reply! I really like TB and I also like her reaction to Sonny :lol: They really messed up with the Claudia character. She could have been so strong and they hooked her up with Sonny and turned her into a pitiful shell. They should have kept the Z family they were great especially Johnny!

I haven't decided if I'll put GH back on the DVR yet. It had just become unwatchable a few years ago, and I was a looooong time viewer

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Re: Random Thoughts and/or Questions (No Spoilers)

Postby ghfanfare » Thu Apr 26, 2018 11:02 am

Well, I went looking for a fashion thread and came across NM's Random Thoughts. We had fun in here! :D Anyway, what was that weird shirt Oscar was wearing?! Apparently somebody searched the thrift stores for bleached look clothes from the '80s. :lol: Sam looked very pretty in the white dress with her hair up. Following up with the black t-shirt and leather jacket was a real contrast...and not a good one. She doesn't need to dress like Jason's twin anymore. :roll:

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