Fan Fiction Story Episode #12

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Fan Fiction Story Episode #12

Postby PBNGJNG » Fri Jun 07, 2013 12:09 pm

Episode #12

Scene 1:

David just sits and tries to take in everything Barnett has just told him. It is quite a story. Now after hearing it all he can understand why Barnett has kept his identity to himself and not approached his sister, Angie.

“Well”, say Barnett to David. “After hearing the whole story will you consider taking my case?”

David tells Barnett that he can’t promise him anything, but yes he will take his case. Hopefully he will be able to help. However, if he can’t, David tells Barnett, then Angie is going to have to be tested.

Barnett understands completely. He promises David that after he has had a chance to review the case, whether he can help him or not he will talk to Angie.

Scene 2:

Zoey is sitting in the living room at Opal’s drinking a cup of coffee when the front door opens and Griffin walks in. She is surprised to see him home during the middle of the day.

Griffin tells Zoey he just stopped home to pick up a file he left in his room this morning rushing out to work.

Zoey asks him if he has a minute to sit and have a cup of coffee with her. Griffin tells her yes, just let him run upstairs and grab the file so he doesn’t forget it this time.

Griffin returns and sits with Zoey. He asks her how she likes her job at the Casino and living in Pine Valley. Zoey tells him the job is pretty much the same as when she worked for the Las Vegas Casino but she is enjoying the small town feel of Pine Valley.

Griffin notices the locket that Zoey is wearing. He tells her it is very pretty and looks like an antique. Zoey tells him that it belonged to her Mother. It was one of the few items she kept. She holds the locket up for Griffin to see and pops it open to reveal a picture of her Mother and Father. Griffin looks at the two small photos and tells Zoey that for some reason her father looks familiar to him.

Scene 3:

Amanda asks Tim where he is staying? Tim tells her he is at the Pine Cone Motel right now until he finds something better. Amanda suggests for the time being he should go see Opal, that she is taken over running Myrtle’s boarding house. Tim tells Amanda that sounds good, he will stop over there later and see if she has a room available.

Tim tells Amanda that he has to go by the Station and fill out his paperwork and meet his new partner. Amanda asks Tim if he knows who he is? Tim tells her some guy named Brot Monroe. Amanda smiles and tells Tim that she knows Brot well. He is a great guy and a good detective. She asks Tim if he knows that Brot is married to Chief Hubbard’s daughter, Natalia? Tim tells her no, he didn’t know that. He wonders to himself if that is going to be an issue.

Scene 4:

Bianca and Miranda are having coffee at Krystal’s and Bianca tells Miranda that she wants to discuss her wanting to spend some time with Erica out West. Miranda immediately assumes that the answer is no. However to her surprise Bianca tells her daughter that she spoke to her mother and that they have arranged for her to go out there for a few weeks right after school lets out. Miranda is thrilled about the good news. Bianca tells Miranda that Erica has arranged for her to be her assistant’s assistant for the time she is out there. Hopefully the time she spends out there will give her some work experience as well as time to spend with her grandmother.

To be continued…….

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