What you love vs loathe about GH right now?

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Re: What you love vs loathe about GH right now?

Postby missy-123 » Thu Feb 06, 2014 7:28 pm

I can't say there's a whole lot that I like about GH these days even tho I have continued to watch it...I have watched GH ever since it's beginning which is a long time but after todays episode I think I'm ready to say goodby to it. I am disappointed in the path that GH is going down. I'm sure there will be lots of nasty comments to me but so be it...I find no fault in a person's sexual preference but for writers to make it a "thing" on public television like in the episode today on GH, I think I will be moving on!! *)

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Re: What you love vs loathe about GH right now?

Postby Meeksmonk » Thu Feb 06, 2014 9:15 pm

I love the Felix/Brad/Lucas storyline. I was really rooting for Felix and Brad but now that Lucas is here, I love the idea of him and Brad. Still love my Felix though!! %(

I love that Dante and Lulu are finding their way back to each other. I'm becoming more comfortable with the new actress although I still miss JMB!

I absolutely loathe what Britt is doing to Dante and Lulu. I don't see how she can keep that child away from them when she knows how desperate they are to have a family. It disgusts me.

I loathe the Emma/Spencer/Cameron storyline. Those kids are adorable and good actors but really? I watch the show for adult romances, not two little boys fighting over a little girl. It's fine when they're kind of pushed into other stories (Heather/Carly/Victor) but to a certain extent.

I loathe anything Carly/Franco/Sam/Silas/Kiki/Michael/Morgan/Ava related. Let's throw Sonny and his glassware in there too. Plus his and Olivia's little romance.

I loathe what they're doing to AJ. I also loathe this whole Victor/Robin thing...Robin should just be honest with Patrick about it but I doubt that'll happen. I loathe what will inevitably happen: Patrick and Sabrina back together again. Boring.

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Re: What you love vs loathe about GH right now?

Postby blue sapphire » Thu Feb 06, 2014 9:35 pm

Split up Ava and Morgan. I think they are disgusting as a couple when she is old enough to be his Mother. :D *)

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Re: What you love vs loathe about GH right now?

Postby ghfanfare » Thu Feb 06, 2014 9:36 pm

I love Julian in all his scenes and esp. with Alexis.

I like Todd and Starr...I mean Franco and Kiki.

I like Carly and am glad she finally bested Heather. Well, sort of.

I like the mystery surrounding Victor Cassadine and the evil Dr. Obrecht.

I like Anna and Duke and am glad to see our vets in stories.

I like that we are seeing more hospital scenes with doctors and nurses and a good variety of characters, ages and stories on GH.

I would like to see more of Tracy, Monica, AJ, Alice, and any other Q's they want to throw in there.

I would like to see Matt and Johnny released from prison.

I am looking forward to the return of Ric Lansing.

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