Did that just happen?? Franco/Jason

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Re: Did that just happen?? Franco/Jason

Postby tessicapls » Wed Jul 24, 2013 12:46 pm

Quote Rena54: I ff the whole Franco/Jason scene today - it was stupid - RH is Todd Manning I cannot get myself to see him as Franco - it is just another s/l with RH playing another messed up character that gets away with anything he does - please someone shoot him again and this time make sure he is dead -

I was done with the Franco s/l and now they just messed it up by bringing in RH to play him - they could have used RH as another character not Franco - please end this nightmare

Do you also have trouble watching movie actors playing different characters in movies? I know it was a stretch, but to me it's so simple. I suspend reality when I see GH bring a character back from the dead, I suspend reality when someone jumps up in the gallery of the courtroom to add their two cents without getting thrown in to contempt, I suspend reality every day to watch my Soap, and I enjoy it. The story line is wild, and yes, he is playing a different character, to me, it's just another suspension of reality. IMO, Todd, Starr and McBain don't exist, and while I loved them, that's okay with me. I'm enjoying what the writers are doing.

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Re: Did that just happen?? Franco/Jason

Postby genhospchat » Wed Jul 24, 2013 12:53 pm

Quote Bettie Davis: I thought RH did a great Franco ( the fake one ) today he did the movements an attitude of Franco thumbs up for RH.

That is the ONLY thing he has ever done to make me think of him as Franco. Everything else he's just Todd with a bad dye job

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Re: Did that just happen?? Franco/Jason

Postby Layngel » Wed Jul 24, 2013 3:40 pm

Quote maggsmay:
Quote Layngel: I love RH and he is great at anything he does, but I don't like him being cast as Jason or Franco because I think they could have given him his own new character.

ME however I do like as Silas, and that was a new one. Jason is just such a huge character, and Franco was evil.

My guess is maybe down the road he turns out to be neither Franco or Jason, but some guy that was programmed by a Cassadine or something.

ME as Silas is the same as ME as john mcbain, same actions, same delivery, same range of emotion. the only thing that made him different was his "ponytail" and now that's gone too!

True. I still look at them and think Todd, John and Starr.

I also miss RH's Todd when he would look at the camera after saying something funny, like he was sharing a little secret with audience. I also miss his parrot :D

I think for me it is hard to see him as anyone else but Todd, but I like RH so it is worth watching. Plus with time, he will make a new role his own.

Ponytail or not, I love seeing ME. I have had the hots for him since he sprouted fangs on PC ;) *)

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