Ejami how long will they last

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Re: Ejami how long will they last

Postby Rosieroserson » Tue Jul 09, 2013 6:28 pm

What can I say?! I just enjoy the ranting and the bickering ;)
I think both sides have been pretty sivil on this thread....

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Re: Ejami how long will they last

Postby sharon n nick 4eva » Tue Jul 09, 2013 8:32 pm

Quote Hard hat:
Quote fadingrose:
Quote ejami2012:
Quote CindyHaskins: I really don't see rafe and sami getting back together has a couple anytime soon and the are so over with.another thing i see ej and sami been together has a couple for a long time.

Thank you. So many negative comments about Ejami from posters who think Rafe is all that.

He may be nice to look at but he has downed every woman he's been with. Sami became unbearable weak . Sami was totally changed and boring. Nicole wad dumbed down to be needy and Kate the toughest woman on days eventhough she's a b$#ch was on her knees in front of him like a cheat hooker and not the powerful women she is .Sami Nicole and Kate had the admirable independent woman taken away from them. Because of rafe. I'm s strong woman and when a woman is stripped of that quality it is very offensive.

I hope Rafe never destroys them again.

I guess we are disagreeing (respectfully, I hope) again...
This topic is about how long Ejami will last--not just another opportunity to bash Rafe. (There are other factors that might at least temporarily break up the Ejami Super Couple of the Day). Sami has ALWAYS been needy, despite her uncontrolled impulsiveness, and has ALWAYS relied on someone (usually a MAN) to resuce her from the messes she creates. Her insecurity may date way back to being hurt by MArlena's infidelity with John and the jealousy that followed after Baby Belle arrived. But kidnapping her half-sister.Whoa! After that, a guy--including Daddy Roman, Lucas, Rafe, and now EJ was there to pick up the pieces. Now she seems to have a permanent knight-in-armor, with the power/money to fix almost anything. But we'll see....
So let's not blame Rafe for what you see as a temporary weakness on Sami's part (Or anyone else's). That neediness is still there, and probably always will be. As for Nicole, we've seemn enough evidence that she's been NEEDY since Day One. All she's ever had to do is flash those baby-blues and she's got sympathy and assistance from any man: Brady, Rafe, Daniel, Eric, Vargas, etc. etc. etc. Kate, still my favorite strong, independent woman (self-supporting, as well). may have had a temporary loss of control when she went down on her knees to seek forgiveness from Rafe, but which of us women would not have a temporary bout of submissiveness for the man we love???

Note to Ejami fans. Can't you adore their scenes together and fast-forward the ones featuring anyone else you find boring and/or hateful???

Yes why can't you Ej and Sami fans just enjoy what you have for the moment,just like when Rafe and Sami were the (hot) item.and we enjoyed
them.To be perfectly honest you know the MO about the princess and she goes from man to man good or bad ,the heart wants what the heart wants
(In this case it's really Sami 's heart we are talking about,right?)Ha ha ;)

We have been loving every EJAMI moment for 7 years now. :)

The end of Lumi......

and safe?????? EJ was all over that time after time after time! ;)

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