Streaming video (Update May 17!)

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Streaming video (Update May 17!)

Postby Chrissi » Fri Feb 16, 2018 1:10 pm

Updated May 17: You'll notice that the Soaps Roundup streaming video now appears static in the middle of each recap. Once you've seen it, you shouldn't see it for sometime afterward. It will no longer encroach upon your reading. I hope that this makes everyone happy! I'm sure thrilled to bring you the news! Sorry it took longer than 2 weeks!

Original March 2018 post:
Though I can't guarantee anything, I am still looking for better ways to display the Soaps Roundup streaming video so that it does not encroach on reading. The Roundup video attracts millions and provides great revenue for the site, which is necessary to pay freelancers, etcetera so it's here to stay. My apologies for any inconvenience if it gets in the way of reading. That said, as of March 9, we are working on making it a static video so that when you scroll, it doesn't scroll along with you!! Hoping that this will change within 2 weeks. :)

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