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Postby d00l1fan » Fri Oct 27, 2017 5:24 pm

How to get away with Murder – Season 4 – Episode 5 “I Love her”

We get to see where it all started between Julie/Mae aka Bonnie/Annalise. Many years ago, Annalise was representing a councilman who had been accused of raping…Bonnie. Bonnie’s father used to work at city hall as a janitor and let the councilman rape Bonnie in the basement office.
Annalise is under pressure to destroy Bonnie’s credibility on the witness stand. If she wins the case, she’ll get a shot at making partner at the firm. Annalise has misgivings because she feels for Bonnie and relates to her abuse.

Bonnie reveals that she was abused by dozens of men, including her father. She even got pregnant at 15. That’s when all the abuse stopped. When Annalise asks what happened to the baby, Bonnie says she doesn’t know. She passed out during labor and when she woke, her father said the baby had died. As the trial goes on, Bonnie’s past abuses and experiences mirror Annalise’s. Annalise goes on to win her case but then she quits her job. She feels extremely guilty about what’s happened and after talking to Sam (Yes, he makes an appearance) she goes on to help Bonnie.

I can’t help but wonder if Bonnie’s child is alive. Did she ask her father for proof that the baby had died? She said she didn’t know who the father was since she was being abused by many men. Why didn’t she get an abortion? I would think that these disgusting men (including her sick demented father) would get rid of any evidence of abuse.

Connor is spiraling out of control right now. He quit school, he’s angry at his father, he has no job, he’s online making dates again and drinking too much. While Michaela is utilizing Oliver’s blackhat skills, Conner makes a date on an app after being disappointed that Oliver won’t make it home to the dinner he made. Surprisingly, he doesn’t keep that date and shows up Annalise’s apartment instead.

Conner is distressed. He says they’ve “done bad things”. He rattles off a list of those bad deeds including Sam’s bloody head and Wes in the basement. Annalise tells him he’s stronger than he thinks and coming there instead of going to that Humpr date proves that.

Nate warns Annalise that Bonnie is on to her and instead of her bribing guards to get in to see potential clients, for a class action lawsuit, she needs to do things the right way before she’s disbarred. He also tells her that there is someone who would be right for her but won’t give her the name until she’s on the up and up.

I thought Nate didn’t care anymore. But he proved he does by lying to Bonnie and giving Annalise a heads up. Okay Nate, you’re officially off my piss list this week.

Horny-toad Laurel was angry with Frank for repeatedly asking her if he may be the father of her baby. Was she guessing all this time? In next week’s preview (which promised to reveal all…or most of it) she will get a paternity test.

Thanks Laurel for getting my hopes up that Annalise may have a grandchild on the way which now appears to be in jeopardy. Yes, I still think Wes is Annalise’s son.

During Bonnie’s testimony, she revealed that she has a sister. In present time I don’t know if “has” has changed to “had”. Nevertheless, where is she?

Michaela and Oliver break into the Caplan & Gold database and under the Antares files (Laurel’s father’s company), they find a cease and desist order for Trent Stockton a week before he died.

While Asher is helping Frank with his LSAT and still reeling from not having landed an internship, Frank insinuated that Michaela’s “working late” excuses are indicative of her having a lover which pisses Asher off. We later see Asher in his car, calling Michaela, and her lying to him by saying she is working late, again, at the office. Asher has a clear view of her on the phone (at what I think is Wes’ apartment with Laurel and Oliver). From Asher’s vantage point, I don’t believe he sees Laurel and Oliver.

Throughout the episode, we see Bonnie (Julie) in Dr. Issacs office for an impromptu session. She just had a confrontation with Annalise (Mae) after Annalise found out she got a hold of her clients for the class action lawsuit and offered them a better deal to turn down Annalise’s help.

Annalise, who earlier celebrated that she was closer to her goal for signatures, thanks to Claudia (the female Rocky who beat up Annalise last season), was genuinely happy that she was getting somewhere and doing something good. Even if it is self-serving.

Annalise, who is angry, confronts Bonnie in a parking lot garage. She says she was trying to do something good. None of this was about them. Bonnie tells her everything she’s done for her is out of guilt. That’s why she took in the poor, abused, trashy girl who was nothing. After everything they’ve been through, Annalise just threw her away. Annalise counters that Bonnie didn’t need her and that she never saw her as trash. And she never thought she was nothing.

Back at Dr. Issacs, a tearful Bonnie admits that she misses “Mae”, their family and their house. Mae hurt her a lot and she wants to believe “Mae” has changed and wants to help others by taking on a class action lawsuit.

Saying this triggers Dr. Issacs. He recalls his talks with Annalise, her abuse, cutting people out of her life and the lawsuit. He's stunned as he realizes that “Julie” is actually Bonnie. And “Mae” is Annalise.

Now we’re back at Caplan & Gold where a bloody scene is unfolding. Bonnie asks an officer where the suspect is in which he replies, “Jail”. Someone is sobbing uncontrollably in a jail cell. And it turns out to be…….Asher!!!!!

I don’t want to believe Asher killed anyone although we saw what he did to his father’s body. Who is he being accused of murdering anyway?



I won’t even consider it’s I-wish-I-were-dead-Connor.

Any thoughts??

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Postby d00l1fan » Mon Nov 13, 2017 1:05 am

Hello everyone, I’ll do a full recap after the winter finale on 11/16/2017. Otherwise, here are a few questions I hope they answer.

~Where is Laurel’s baby?

~Is he alive?

~Did Jorge (Laurel’s father) have anything done to the baby?

~Who’s the father? (I’ve thought all this time is was Wes’ until Laurel stutter-stepped with Frank a few episodes ago.)

~Why is Isaac at the hospital?

~Is Bonnie still team Annalise? Last week, Annalise gained a major victory. It seems in part due to Bonnie! Bonnie offered to help the Attorney General prove that Annalise was unfit to oversee the class action lawsuit by getting Dr. Roa on the stand. (What heck Bonnie?) But Isaac’s testimony worked in Annalise’s favor. Bonnie seemed happy about this outcome. (Are you confused? So am I.)

Nate and Annalise Redux? (Looks like something is-a-brewing.)

Is anyone else suspicious of Jacqueline? (Isaac’s ex-wife)

Why did their daughter commit suicide?

Throughout the season, we end with something horrible happening at Caplan & Gold. Now we know it had to be during the office party. Almost everyone is accounted for in the flashbacks.

Laurel is in the hospital.
Frank is at the hospital.
Dr. Roa (Isaac) is at the hospital.
Michaela is at the hospital.
Oliver is at Caplan & Gold.
Bonnie is at Caplan & Gold.
Asher is in jail.
I don't remember if I saw Nate anywhere.
Annalise is bleeding in the shower.

So whose blood is it on the glass doors at Caplan & Gold? (We can pretty much say that things did not go according to plan.)

Is it Simon? A victim of Laurel’s plot to get daddy and the scheme to set him up as the one who steals Teagan’s key-card to get into the Antares files.

Is it Teagan? She’s cutthroat. Heaven help those who’ll jeopardize her job, her promotion and her payday.

*Sigh* Conner. Where are you? I did not see Conner.
Did he find out what Oliver and the rest of the gang were up to?

Asher’s in jail. We don’t know why just yet. But…Connor and Asher have fought before.
Did these two come to blows once again?

Why was Wes murdered?

Did Jorge intend for Wes to die or did Dominic kill the wrong person?

If so, who was the intended victim?

Last but not least, after numerous arguments with fellow fans, I need one particular questioned answered. I’ve speculated about this since season 1. I became convinced about this in season 3. Now I just need the confirmation (which is taking too darn long) from TPTB = the powers that be.

Is. Annalise. Wes’. Mother???

Sorry if I missed anything… See ya soon. :)

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