Revenge Recap: Engagement.

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Revenge Recap: Engagement.

Postby Hollie » Sun May 05, 2013 10:29 pm

Has Emily lost all control? <a href="" target="_blank">Revenge recap - Engagement.</a>

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Re: Revenge Recap: Engagement.

Postby fran143 » Mon May 06, 2013 8:30 am

Emily has not lost control. Aiden is a loose cannon and is pissed that he has been found out. He emptied the bank account with his username on purpose. Now it will get back to him and possibly Emily. I am very upset that he killed Takeda. Takeda was there to do something important to the Graysons now he can't. I was hoping that Takeda would have killed Aiden so that Emily could be free of him. He was sexy in my book but now he is a douche. Get rid of him.
Victoria is as evil as they come. How could she pay $5 million to her child so that he does not come back. I hope he comes to town and exposes the wench she is.
Ashley I despise the ground she walks on. I don't trust her at all. Jack needs to stay far away from her as possible.
Emily should tell Charlotte and Jack who she is cause there life is in shambles thinking Amanda is dead. She was loved before the faux Amanda came into the limelight. I think Jack will most like not forgive her and Charlotte will not either. Now she knows that her young sister is spiraling out of control she should have come to her rescue. That girl that Charlotte is hanging out with is no good. IMO she is taking revenge on Charlotte for punching her. Now Charlotte is pregnant her sister should be there to help her cause if Victoria finds out she will make her get an abortion.
I can't wait till next week. If it is what I am thinking she will tell Jack who she is. I am hoping that Nolan can get a love. I just like him alot...

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