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Re: Nicholas

Postby rainhue » Thu Sep 04, 2014 11:28 pm

Quote maui: Hi all,

I hope everyone is well. I thought there would be more message boards and people talking but anyway. Watching now. Nicholas sure is one evil guy isn't he kills Drew and now at the hospital and with Elena. Thoughts on him, Elena, John Ross, Emma, Pamela, Bo, Heather, Christopher, and the show?
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I really am not liking this Nicholas character. He is just too evil and there is not anything endearing about him at all. As for Elena, there is hope for her. She wasn't always this mean. It seems like they have totally changed her character...for now anyway. I like the rest of the characters and find them interesting. I get a kick out of Emma's grandmother! But I do wish Nicholas would just go away.
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Re: Nicholas

Postby CHATTERBOX22 » Thu Sep 11, 2014 8:34 pm

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Quote mommmy: I just don't understand Elena's revenge. J.R. did this to her father not Bobby and certainly not Christopher or John Ross. As for Cliff he deserves whatever he gets he is a horrible person. I am hoping she learns what her so called boyfriend did to her brother. I can't believe her mom is going along with this revenge the Ewings have been really good to her.

Exactly...they treat both if them like part of the family..that is why Elana has access to the house and the office. She ia a snake. I can't wait fo her to get hers.

Yeah love being the MAID....COOK....SERVANT.. shall I continue oh that's right it's part of the family. LOL

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Re: Nicholas

Postby Icee » Tue Sep 23, 2014 9:05 pm

I'm glad Elena shot him- but how did he live???
I thought she and Chris were going to take care of "it."
And now Chris is dead. For real- unless they recast, since the actor is leaving. Rumors of Bobby's other "son" Lucas coming back?

So Emma got her "comeuppance" and the actress is doing a great job. But it appears they are brushing her rape under the rug. The creep is dead (unless it was the younger guy learning English whose short storyline now seems irrelevant) and she appears ready to return to business as usual with JR. Why put her through this? It trivializes rape if she bounces back so fast. Guess we'll see.

Love Emma's grandma! What a trip! Her acting was great during the kidnapping. Really felt she was brought to her knees.

I don't really like these story lines that bring in organized crime. You know that they don't last long, and before long ties will be severed, and regular business actions will resume. Also, you have to wonder how canned and Hollywood any representation of organized crime is to fit the desired scene. So.... I don't think Nicolas will be around long unless he can be redeemed, which seems unlikely with the blood he has on his hands. So I doubt in the end that he will be the father of Elena's baby. That won't help perpetuate her storyline. But his wife and kids could get woven in elsewhere...

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