OT...Dynasty....Alexis. Blake. Colbys.

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OT...Dynasty....Alexis. Blake. Colbys.

Postby TwixtyMiller » Fri Jan 17, 2014 5:51 pm

Only weeks away from Dallas New Season. Thought I would throw out some 80s Dynasty Info you might have never known. Enjoy. This is all real information. Don't forget to watch Dallas TNT. The promo is already out for season 3.

Dynasty ran for 220 episodes..It was originally called OIL....Actor John Forsythe was the only actor to appear in every episode...

The Carringtons were originally named Parkhurst. The Colbys were originally named The Corbys.

The role of Alexis was originally named Madeline and she was only supposed to appear for the first six episodes of season 2. Both Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren were wooed for SHORT TERM role, and Sophia Loren was close to signing on, but fell thru at the last minute.

Dominique Deveraux filmed THREE different scenarios to keep her identity secret when she first started on Dynasty. She was Blakes sister---But she was nearly Cecil Colbys ex wife, who was going to fight Alexis for control of ColbyCO...

John James auditioned for Steven Carrington...He instead got the role of Jeff Colby. Steven wasnt the first GAY CHARACTER on tv, but he is considered to be the first masculine gay character, breaking the stereotypes of the day.

Gregory Peck was up for the role of Jason Colby. It went to Charleton Heston instead, who lobbied for the role..

The ORIGINAL concept of "Dynasty II: The Colbys" was set in Miami...The Colbys were going to be Hoteliers. But ABC wanted a show even more luxurious than Dynasty..

The opening to the Colbys is actually the house of Aaron Spelling, the producer of the show.

Joan Collins was only ten years older than the actor who played her son Adam...

Joan Collins was opposed to The Colbys spin off, openly criticising the show and encouraging her fellow Dynasty actors to boycott crossovers. Blake, Dominique, and Adam all appeared on the Colbys.

Fans were surprised at Dynastys abrupt cancellation in 1989. Joan Collins told USA TODAY in 2005 that she had given notice to the show that she was not returning and that is why the show got cancelled so suddenly.

In the final season, an unseen wealthy mystery woman lurked about. It was going to turn out to be Dominique, had the show returned another season. With Alexis absence and Sables softer side emerged, they need a villainess.

Catherine Oxenberg, who played Amanda, was fired for wanting 2000 dollars more an episode. She was replaced by Karen Cellini.

Fallon, Steven, Amanda, and Adam were all recasts at different times with younger actors.

The Colbys caused confusion immediatly with the characters of Frankie and Sable. They were sisters on the show. Frankie had a strong american accent, but her character had lived in England for twenty years. Sable had lived in L.A. for twenty years but had a strong english accent. Plus they looked nothing alike.

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