Re-casting Pam...Who would you pick....Speculation

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Re-casting Pam...Who would you pick....Speculation

Postby BringBackStarr » Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:23 pm

The show keeps teasing Pams return--While that was fun at first, they either aren't (or can't) seal the deal with the AMAZING Victoria Principal...So lets play re-cast (worst case scenario)..I definately think they need a "name"...

Perfect Choice?

Pamela Sue Martin..Original Fallon on Dynasty. She can do the soap vixen with a heart...The age is right...She also worked with Patrick Duffy before...

Runner up:

Sela Ward---She is 6 years younger (not a biggie in soaps)...She can play both sympathetic and troubled (her role on Sisters was legendary)

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