OF COURSE---Rebecca is REALLY......

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Re: OF COURSE---Rebecca is REALLY......

Postby Tayfam » Mon Jun 18, 2012 4:39 pm

Quote scarlettfever:
Quote Tayfam: There was a Dallas Reunion movie a few years back where Cliff had to rescue Afton from J.R. He found out they had a daughter that she named Pamela Rebecca. Maybe that is who Rebecca is.

You are partially correct. In the TV movie actress Rosalind Allen played Julia---Bobbys love interest...She was the best friend of Aftons who was acting as chaparone to Cliff and Aftons daughter Pamela---Julia took up with Bobby and JonRoss/Pamela/Christopher had a brief triangle as teenagers..It is not likely that JonRoss or Christopher (or even Elena, would not recognize her in some way even after ten plus years...FYI---i BELIEVE that the name REBECCA is NOT a coincidence---this chick is related to the Barnes or Wentworths..The writer for the show knows her history too well...As for Bobby and Julia, there was never any indication that it was much beyond a fling that fizzled... 8)

Thanks for clearing the Julia thing up. I agree I think Rebecca is a Barnes or Wentworth.

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Re: OF COURSE---Rebecca is REALLY......

Postby oakdalefan25yrs » Mon Jun 18, 2012 10:07 pm

but dont forget, she could turn out to be cliffs daughter, since the movies didnt happen?

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