Rumor: Nadia Bjorlin on Y&R

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Rumor: Nadia Bjorlin on Y&R

Postby cityhunter » Wed Jan 11, 2012 10:31 am

" Viktoria Baiandourian

I cannot believe I neglected to post this here! I posted it two hours ago on Nadia's Group "Keep Nadia on DAYS" I apologize for my lateness...I REALLY hope this is TRUE!--due only to my hatred of Corday. Nadia has been cast in the role of Rae Rae and will be Christian LeBlancs (Ben Kasey on Y&R) sister from New orleans. I've never watched that soap but if this is true, count me in!!

P.S. this inf...ormation came from a long time female friend who is not a soap fan but knows that I am. She said she read it somewhere, but I was so excited I forgot the source. We'll be speaking soon, and I'll be sure to ask and remember this time! In the meantime PLEASE spread the word on every board you have access to, let's stick it to Corday! "

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