♥RHeart Radio's OLTL Tribute Show!

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♥RHeart Radio's OLTL Tribute Show!

Postby lilchrissy » Tue Jan 10, 2012 4:22 pm


Just wanted to let you guys know I'll be having a OLTL Tribute show on RHeart Radio tomorrow night, at 10pm(est). We are having a Special Guest so you won't want to miss it! We will be giving updates on all the various campaigns- the Stop Online Piracy Act, the Stand With Agnes Nixon Campaign and we'll touch upon briefly the SAVE GH Campaign. We really need to push NOW guys because we won't have GH on network TV for much longer. If we want to see our couples continue, we need to make sure GH Stays!

Also- Next week on RHeart Radio we will be talking with Soap Columnist & author Carolyn Hinsey about her book Afternoon Delight and thoughts on the state of soaps.

On the 25th, we are dedicating that show to 'THE FAN'S VOICE'. I am asking that you email me what you'd like to see GH do with Lante. I will be going couple by couple and will read comments on air, as well as a take a few calls. I spoke to Diana who told me you guys have been sending your requests to the writers, which is fantastic, but I figured you could also voice them on the show.

Wed, 1/11 @ 10pm(est): OLTL Tribute Show w/Special Guest:

Wed, 1/18 @ 10pm(est): Carolyn Hinsey Chats about her book & soap genre:

Wed 1/25 @ 10p(est): 'The Fan's Voice'- what do you want to see happen now???

Wed 2/1 @ 10pm(est)- Proper Manors Episode 2- another chat with some of the cast and crew of the new web series, Proper Manors!

Hope you'll join us!
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