Grey's Recap 05/15: Fear (Of The Unknown) SF

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Grey's Recap 05/15: Fear (Of The Unknown) SF

Postby Candace » Thu May 15, 2014 10:06 pm

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Re: Grey's Recap 05/15: Fear (Of The Unknown) SF

Postby grizzskin » Thu May 15, 2014 10:42 pm

WOW! You go Shonda!

Christina, we'll miss you....

Kudos to Shane; way to step up and get what you want....

Kudos to Leah; put her surgical shortcomings behind her and put the patients first....

For years there has always been a suspicion that Ellis and Richard had a "love child", at one point it was supposed to be Jackson, so I was not surprised when Maggie announced that SHE is Ellis Grey's daughter (and probably Richard's). One problem: how old is Maggie; it seems she is young; how could she then be Ellis' daughter (Richard is and Ellis was in their late 50s; Maggie seems to be early 30s at best......

Meredith and Derek get on my nerves; maybe they will, maybe they won't; maybe they should, maybe they shouldn't; I see ANOTHER breakup coming........

Alex FINALLY got his piece of the pie ("The Jeffersons" playing in the background). But what is Miranda going to think/do when she learns she is NOT going to be on the Grey-Sloan board, OR WILL SHE?????

Heckuva episode, looking forward to Season 11......

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