Season Finale... Upsets Galore Again!!

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Season Finale... Upsets Galore Again!!

Postby valencia4love » Fri May 20, 2011 1:01 pm

Let's start off with Alex... What did the moron expect?? Did he really think that weren't going to ripple effects from his squealing on Mer?!! Cristina was right on when she told Alex that from now, he his @$$ gets in trouble again, he best find a sknaky intern to help him out.. because Mer's friends wouldn't running to his rescue!! Can you believe that he had the nerve to get mad at Owen when he found that April was chosen as the new CR!! What did the guy expect?!! Did he really think that Owen was gonna to reward his ratting out Mer, all for the chance to knock her of the running for CR?? Owen was right on check when told Alex if he thought that anyone would ever come running to him for advice and help after stabbing Mer in the back the way he did, that he could forget it!! Yes, what Mer did was legally wrong, but her heart was in the right place!! She just wanted to help the Chief's wife, that's all!! Did Alex really think that Mer was gonna let him stay in her house after he ratted her out?? What planet is guy living on?? The only thing i will give him credit for is when he told that backstabbing female doctor who stole his job from right underneath him to go to straight to HELL when she had the nerve to ask him to ask her to stay!!

Now for Christine... I could have jump thru the tube and strangled her myself!! If she truly has no desire to ever have kids, then she should told Owen that right at beginning of their relationship!! At least that way, Owen would had have chance to decided if he ready to give kids up for the woman he loves, or if having kids someday meant more!!! That's Christine for ya!! It's always me, me, me!! Owen had every right to throw her @$$ out their house!!! I mean really, what did she expect for the poor guy to do?!!! You could tell that it was ripping his heart that she didn't even want to take the idea of having their into some serious consideration!!

Teddy... I still don't like her, but I do give her thumbs up for finally getting a clue by deciding to give her hubsand a chance!!

Go Bailey Go!! I like her with that cutie male nurse!!

Derek.. He's knows the kind of person Mer is... The kind of person she's always been.. A good doctor, with good heart and good intentions!! So forgive her already and get home to your new baby and your wife!!

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Re: Season Finale... Upsets Galore Again!!

Postby elecktra » Sat May 28, 2011 1:25 am

alex did the right thing for the wrong reasons i dont know why did owen named april as the chief of surgery and i cant judge cristina is her rights and as for jackson and lexie and mark i dont think that him and lexie will last because mark can say whatever he wants he still wants lexie and meredith did a bad thing that cost her job im sure she will bounce back anyway teddy she has to make a choice between henry or andrew

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Re: Season Finale... Upsets Galore Again!!

Postby wolverine21 » Tue Jul 05, 2011 5:27 am

I will finish the season soon. I am on episode 7 right now

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