A full moon indeed!!! (Spoilers welcome)

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A full moon indeed!!! (Spoilers welcome)

Postby valencia4love » Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:40 pm

April can't be this desperate for a boyfriend!!! She accepted a dinner date with Dr. Starks?!@ Has that girl lost her freakin mind??!!! Dr. Starks is a no-good, weasle of a doctor who gets his kicks in treating all his foot soliders like crap and stealing their ideas at that!!! Somebody please send April to a head shrink, pronto!!! That sneaky Jackson!!! How could he!!! If wasn't for Mark talking him into spying on Lexie, he wouldn't be in her bed right now!! Mark might not be a saint, but Lexie knew that from the word go and she still fell in love with him anyway!! Hell, she's still in love with him!! You could tell by the way she was looking at Mark today!!! And Jackson could see it too!!! I'm not mad at Lexie... Girlfriend needs a break from Mark right now... So, let her run wild with that sneak Jackson!!! Something tells me it's only going to be matter of time before Lexie and Mark find their way back to each other again... And this time, it will be for keeps!!! And the cheif's wife!!! How many more times is that man going to keep letting his wife fall down the stairs and what not before he finally admits that Mer was right!!! So glad that Bailey saw it too!!! And that she was the one who kindly set the cheif straight about his wife's mental condition!!! That Alex!!! It's only a matter of time before he gets that doctor in his bed!!! You can tell that she already likes him!! I could have smack Yang!!! Owen was right on and she knew it!!! He's her husband, not her business parnter or foot soilder!!! Like or not, the man does has a right to his say when it comes to something as big as them maybe having kids some day!!! Poor Mer!!! Her and Derek can't seem to catch a break for nothing!!! Mer was willing to risk going blind than rather stop her hormone treatments for her and Derek to get pregnant!!! And where was that hot nurse that Bailey knock boots with last week?? Is he fine or what!! All i can say is, can't wait for next week!!!

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