Mark & Lexie!! (Ugh!! Talk About Bad Timing)

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Mark & Lexie!! (Ugh!! Talk About Bad Timing)

Postby valencia4love » Thu Oct 07, 2010 10:53 pm

Well folks, my hopes of a speedy reunion for these two just got shot straight to Hell!! After April gave my girl a reality check as to why Mark has been acting the way he's been toward her since the shooting, Lexie finally decides it time to bite the bullet and go be with the man she loves.. So why wasn't i surpise to see what happen next. Lexie no sooner had just gotten off the freakin elevator only to see Mark sucking face with Derek's baby sister, Amy!! I could have smack the crap out of both of them!! Then again, Mark being Mark, i really shouldn't have been surpised!! I mean the poor guy had just decided that maybe love wasn't going to be enough to win Lexie back, so naturally, he did what he does best, bang the closer chick willing, able and interested!! So, I think i can safely say that Mark will be kicking himself in the @$$ when he finds that Lexie finally decided to give him another chance!! All i can say is, the writers better not make us wait for these two to reunite until the last showing for the season!! If they do, I will be really ticked off!!

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Re: Mark & Lexie!! (Ugh!! Talk About Bad Timing)

Postby crazydaisy » Thu Oct 07, 2010 11:07 pm

I seriously almost cried. When I saw her in the elevator fixing her makeup I just KNEW Mark was hooking up with someone. And it was so scream-worthy. WHY did he have to decide RIGHT THEN that love wasn't going to be enough? Right when she FINALLY realized that he LOVES her? I just want my McSexie back, soon please.

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Re: Mark & Lexie!! (Ugh!! Talk About Bad Timing)

Postby elecktra » Sat Oct 09, 2010 11:36 am

you can forget about the whole thing for now cause nothing going to happen for mark and lexie i knew when i saw him with amy aka mcdreamy sister going at it typical mark lol like always i dont think lexie have a chance to give him now

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