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Postby aerinha » Sun Jun 12, 2011 9:51 am

Am I the only one a little disappointed with how season 2 went?

OK, they said Elena saying she hated Damon after katerhine saying hate was the start of a love story was a deliberate hint that this was the start of Delena feeling more. However, two minutes later Damon snapped Jeremy's neck, on PURPOSE, derailing all they had done at the end of season 1 getting Elena to like Damon and having Stefan nervous about. Most of ND times was used playing Katherine, reducing Elena to "I want to die" whines and tears. They never explored why she was so willing to die and wasn't willing to look for a plan that would save her life plus everyone elses. And in the meantime, Delena had practically no shared screen time until the end when she declared she liked him as he was 8) Really? She liked that he thought he killed her brother? She liked that he tried to force her into being a vampire? They never did a story where Elena said she could have fun with Damon instead of being seriuos with Stefan, which would have been great. So what does she like about him because most of the time it's like she disdains and looks down on him?

Then they did the re-write on Stefan that he's a ripper. All first season his problem, as Damon said, was that he didn't learn to control his blood lust, he ignored it. Well if Stefan came back from being a ripper to be the guy we met in season one, he certainly did learn to control it. I hate rewrites that make other things lies and TVD is doing a lot of a that.

They over used and miss used Katherine. She could have been great angst for Stelena, but her ultimatum that they break up was ignored for several episodes, did something for one and then was cleared up by the end of the next one. She never made a real play for Stefan, never divided the brothers and generally just vamped around glowering and sounding bored. Ok she killed a couple minor characters, but so what? They never proved Stefan still had feelings for her so Elena got insecure. They never had Stefan drawn into Katherine's world while Damon was drawn into Elena's.

They keep selling this show as a triangle, but it's Stefan and Elena suffering the moonlighting effect (the couple that got together and had no challenges to make them interesting) while Damon wants her from afar. A triangle is one person in love with two others who love them back. Damon wasn't even used as proper third party angst. They made Elena hate him and left it that way. Stop selling the show as a triangle if you never intend to do anything with Delena so that Elena has to make a choice. She can pick Stefan, that's fine with me, but don't say it's about the three of them if you never intend to really make Damon a contender. A ton of unresolved sexual tension gets old and I tune out if a show seems content to keep me waiting for something I know they're never going to do because I get bored waiting.

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