My thoughts on "The Last Dance" episode 4/14

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My thoughts on "The Last Dance" episode 4/14

Postby MissTroubles » Fri Apr 15, 2011 8:00 am

Might be considered spoiler if you haven't seen the episode
First I have to say Klaus' personality? I find it kind of sexy haha. It reminds me of Damon. Speaking of Damon he came up with a brilliant plan. Again. Not to mention the way he was wearing the black shirt with some of the chest showing at the dance? Very nice! I figured Klaus wouldn't let Katherine off easy. Killing her would have been doing her a favor. He wants her death to be long and painful. Also did anyone notice the way Alaric aka Klaus looked at Elena in the classroom? I wonder if he will try something "romantically" I'm really digging Bonnie and Jeremy right now. They make a beautiful couple but they seem more like best friends that bf/gf but I think right now he is the support she needs. I definitely saw a spark between her and damon but H3// he has a spark with everyone! I could see him with Bonnie/Elena/Jenna. As long as he has steamy scenes with someone I'm happy haha. Maddox seems pretty powerful. I wonder if Bonnie is going to try and contact the one cousin of her's that was once indebted to Katherine for help. I also thought what Damon said to Stefan was dead on. Yes Stefan would die for Elena but Damon doesn't let worry or feelings cloud his judgement that's why he was able to come up with a plan to save both Elena and Bonnie in this episode. I can't wait to see Joseph Morgan in the role of Klaus. I don't know if I'm supposed to post this but I believe it was one of the cast members that said Joseph has a twitter page @_JosephMorgan idk if it's legit or not. At the very end when Elena went into Damon's room was I the only one wondering if it was Katherine and not Elena? (Not to mention I thought they were going to kiss!) then I really thought it was Katherine as she was walking out. They way she kinda quickened her pace? Then once she went in with Elijah and removed the knife I figured it wasn't her 1) because Klaus wanted him to stay dead and he isn't about to let Katherine try anything and 2) I figured Elena thought with Elijah helping them. Bonnie wouldn't have to tap into so much power. That way they can kill Klaus and keep Bonnie safe. All in all i think it was a great episode and I can't wait to see next week with Joseph Morgan!

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