Indie Rock and Indie Pop Fans Wait Breathlessly Fo

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Indie Rock and Indie Pop Fans Wait Breathlessly Fo

Postby blabbermouth2014 » Mon Jun 01, 2015 9:00 pm

Indie Rock and Indie Pop fans wait breathlessly for the next big thing from duo, The Bergamot. Bergamot, as an essential oil, is meant to uplift and relax you, and The Bergamot, the band, does that and more. They fill your ears with a sound that will leave you hanging on to your headphones song after song after song. Their new single, “Forget About Tomorrow” is a perfect example of how their love of music, songwriting and performing has no bounds and that they produce music that really speaks to the listeners. Their new album “Tones” encompasses what this creative duo is all about. The rich lyrics that are written from the heart, from their actual life experiences and keen observations, coupled with their transcendent voices that harmonize so well are all evident in their highly anticipated album “Tones”. There is no room for disappointment when you listen to their single, “Forget About Tomorrow” so make sure you do!

You can purchase “Forget About Tomorrow” on iTunes at: To stay informed about what’s going with The Bergamot, visit them on Facebook at:, YouTube at:, and Twitter at: You can also check out their official website

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