Battle of the band...

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Battle of the band...

Postby AMC Lifer » Thu Jan 27, 2011 8:25 pm

1st I'm gonna say that we don't know the whole story as to what all was asked/discussed between Kings of Leon and Ryan Murphy...the stories were fairly vauge.

Now, if Ryan asked if he could use their songs. And if they said 'No'. Why did Ryan fly off the handle? He had a 50/50 shot of them saying 'No', and that's exactly what they did. Sure, they could've said Yes...but they didn't. Not the end of the world ~)

Here's my thought: Maybe Kings of Leon don't want their songs made into a sacharin-filled/tweenybopper Glee album. I can understand, if in fact that is their point...we will never know.

I'm a diehard Glee fan, love Ryan and all he does (also love me some Kings of Leon), but am tryin to veiw this whole mess from an unbiased stance ;)

I truly believe that we don't have the whole story...Curious, very curious 3)

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