What I would like to see

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What I would like to see

Postby imane111 » Mon Dec 27, 2010 3:09 pm

Lara and her editor:Her editor takes Lara's computer and reads what Lara wrote.She realized that lara finished her book but didn't give it to her because there are too many personal things in the story so she hesitated at publishing it.Yet her ditor publishes it and it's a best seller.There is a huge tension between them and her editor tells her that she won't let her waste her talent and life on alcohol..Her editor starts falling in love with her but doesn't say a thing.Lara realizes that her editor is right there,beside her,helping her putting herself and her life back on track.Lara falls in love with her but doesn't say a thing.
They are both in denial and there is a huge tension between them.Eventually Lara beats her addictions and her editor and her confess their love for each other.They live happily for a while then comes drama.Her editor finds out she has an illness but doesn't say a thing to lara because she's afraid of Lara hitting the bottle again

So she gets her treatment secretly but one day Lara discovers the medecines and understands everything.She's devastated and is tempted to drink again but decides not to.She wants to be sober and strong for her woman and fights with her,by her side.She doesn't say anything to her woman and supports her all the way.But her editor's health gets worse.They can't hide the truth anymore.They both know that the other knows.They fight this illness together and stick together hoping to overcome anything with their love.
the end:1)If Lani is endgame,which is not an option on Venice,and given how it's written I don't wnat them to be,her editor dies,Lara is devastated,Ani gets close to her little by little and they eventually fall in love .If not:2)Her editor makes it and they love each other more than ever and live their lives overcoming anything that comes their way with their love for each other.

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Re: What I would like to see

Postby Chrissi » Wed Dec 29, 2010 1:34 pm

Wow I love how much thought you've given it. :) That could be interesting. :)

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