SPOILER: Guess Who's Coming ...

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SPOILER: Guess Who's Coming ...

Postby London-- » Tue Jan 30, 2007 11:30 am

I titled the topic Spoiler because it may contain one or two and I know some people like to remain spoiler free, so last warning, don't read if you don't want to know.

Ok so we all know Jerry O'Connel is coming to the show in the role of "Joel," and that Katherine McPhee is coming as well... but probably what you don't know...

*I didn't see it posted*

Is that Lucy Liu is going to make a two-episode arc on 'Ugly Betty.' This is what I found out from Jared

Liu will be playing Grace Chin, a.k.a. “The Chin,” a formerly frumpy college classmate whom Daniel Meade (Eric Mabius) once stood up on a date. When Daniel needs Grace’s help with a pressing family matter, he learns that she has a long memory. Her first episode, “Derailed,” will air on February 15 on the network.

Jerry also airs in this episode.

I saw the stills of Katherine mcPhee and Betty and they're cute. I can't wait for the episode to air!

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