Most reason OLTL musings

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Most reason OLTL musings

Postby CHScott » Fri Nov 17, 2006 1:11 am

Hello Amy, everyone...

Just a few thoughts for the last couple weeks

- I've decided that I hope that Jess/Antonio stay together long enough for Jess to have a baby with Antonio.. Hear me out before you start throwing things... I realize that eventually you Nash groupies will get your wish and Tessica will get back with him but I think it would be cool for there to be a baby from both Nash and Antonio for years down the road when they're grown and the stories that could spring from there.

Christian/Vangie...snooze...I still like the idea of a Todd/Vangie least for awhile anyway and it may happen..Look at how Vangie reacted to Todd's lies...If she really didn't care for Todd alot I doubt she would have been half as upset.

Nora Nora Nora..I ask again, anyone who might know... Who in the world did that actress P.O. to get so shuffled around offscreen and get so little air time? Yeah I know she's getting some time assisting Vangie but that to me just smacks of using her cover her

Starr/Cole...Still very much enjoying this storyline..Am I the only one who likes the evil cheerleaders? lol...Kudos to the writers..keep focusing on the kids and school and the drama within and avoid major Todd/Marty/Blair drama..just keep the adult tension simmering!!

The Buchannans...sigh...thumbs up/down here...Kevin and sad is that...I'm really gonna miss them but at least the writers cut the cord quick...Question...Am I the only person who thinks that a Buchannan in LONDON is about as fish out of water as it gets? lol....They've gotta have an office somewhere in Texas! And VIki...not to pleased here...she's still pretty much a sounding board for the family...Which while a good thing girlfriend needs her own story..I sure hope the rumblings that I hear that Mitch Lawrance may be coming back is not one of those stories..Unless just to explain how Jess is really not his daughter but Clints...Amy..tell the writers to fix that..It's ludicras that Viki has twins from two fathers..and not fair to the Buchannan history..And I know exactly how they can do it but that's a story for another day. Almost done....

John/Natalie...ummmm...hmmmm..doesn't excite me...I mean comeon, I like Vincent and he's kinda cool with Nat but does anyone in the OLTL world believe for a second that they will end up together? Plus couldn't Nat been a little less of a wet blanket at Jess's and one more plus plus plus and i'll be done...I laughed (please don't hate me) when I saw the actor playing Mcbain in the gauze cause it was so obviously him..I suppose goatees don't burn!!!!!

I'm always, thanks for listening....let me know what you think and....

Peace out


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Re: Most reason OLTL musings

Postby Amy » Fri Nov 17, 2006 6:26 am

Hi Cary,

As always, great thoughts, great post :)

Amy OLTL/Y&R writer

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Re: Most reason OLTL musings

Postby Sophia Rose » Sat Nov 18, 2006 4:35 pm


I enjoy reading your recaps or shall I say editorials.

As much as I dislike the Jessica/Antonio relationship, I do like your thought process. So, Jessica has Antonio's baby, but she's really Tess. How exciting.

I couldn't agree with you more about Cris/Vangi. Snooze

I too enjoy Nora and would like to see her have more "meaty" lines, or leave the show. She deserves better than what she is getting.

Other snooze couples for me: John and Natalie - Natalie is too rough and tough. To me the character would be better suited with a rugged man, or maybe the dominant role with another woman. Bo and Paige are also a snooze couple. I liked Bo with Lindsay.

There is my $.02 worth

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