oltl rant

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oltl rant

Postby jennandavid » Wed Nov 15, 2006 2:31 pm

ok...i am aware that this is only a show, but i think these new storylines are starting to bore me. they are taking too long to get to the point. maybe i am wrong, and if i am please let me know, but i have been watching this show since i was two years old and i don't remember them dragging out storylines like this. i can remember when it started going slow, it was the whole mitch/victor lord thing. maybe i am impatient or my a.d.d. is acting up but i am getting tired of waiting for these things to happen in landview. all my children is going fast, why aren't they? and something else is bothering me, why are they getting rid of all these key, old characters? the rumor mill is that they are bringing back an old friend, but new one's are comming too. i wanna know if david is asa's son, but he is leaving. the internet hinted that zane might be really kevin's, but we won't know if that is true or not, b/c they are both leaving. we thought hugh was page's son, but they killed him off. i have no idea how they are going to spin that one. they also need to change the opening credits. hugh is dead and kevin and kelly are leaving, star is much older now than she was in that photo. i dunno why i feel this way, maybe it is b/c i am such a huge fan of the john/nat storyline, and i have been waiting since the middle of oct. for things to pick up. i want john to be back, not burned up, especially with no shirt on. he is so hot.

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