My Thoughts on the Fridays Re-cap Show.

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My Thoughts on the Fridays Re-cap Show.

Postby Dangerous Beauty » Fri May 17, 2013 7:02 am

If they plan on only having 2 episodes per week per show it will not be worth watching a 're-cap'. What they should do on Fridays instead is have both shows on that one day. Have 3 episodes per week per show. One a day Monday-Thursday. Friday have both. It would be better than a recap show. I mean really the recap is a waste for an hour a week show. Just saying. I won't watch it.

Also on a side note, I'm a fan of both HULU and the soaps and the shows were out a week before I found them. It needs more time to pick up the viewers. I believe so many people do not know they are back. If the soaps didn't have such a huge audience Hoover would not have had empty shelves on Hoover day. My thoughts.

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