New Schedule for OLTL and AMC announced by PP

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Re: New Schedule for OLTL and AMC announced by PP

Postby oltlforever31 » Mon May 20, 2013 4:36 pm

Quote MikeLikesSoaps: I am happy to have AMC and OLTL back but I am glad that PP is cutting back to 2 new shows per week. I am one of those viewers that has to "binge" view the epsiodes and it is exhausting. Besides, since they taped/are taping 100 episodes per season, the series will run for 50 weeks now instead of 25. I would rather have the show run for more weeks with fewer weekly episodes than for fewer weeks with a several month hiatus in between seasons.

I think for those of us who watch both shows, it may not be so bad only having it every other day. For those who only watch one, it may not seem like enough. I think I might end up liking it better in the long run, because it won't take up as much of my morning. Usually I watch OLTL first, and then I'm ready to be done, but AMC comes on, and I stay and watch, but I really don't always have time. So last week, I did get a little behind. I caught up this morning. I also have stopped watching GH live too. I am a couple of days behind. I will probably start watching it at night, now that most of the shows at night are in repeats for the summer. This time of year, it's so hard to stay in and watch TV all the time. ;) 3) I think this would be a good summer schedule for PP. Maybe in the fall they should think about putting it back to 4 of each a week, when people are more likely to be inside watching. I don't know, I just hope people won't give up on the shows simply because they see it as imminent cancellation. I don't see it that way. Some are already starting rumors that the shows will be cancelled, and that has not been said anywhere. OLTL just started taping again today for the next 5 weeks. I think we all need to relax, and just enjoy the show(s). 3) :)

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Re: New Schedule for OLTL and AMC announced by PP

Postby raylit » Tue May 21, 2013 3:24 am

Quote oltllover: wow that was quick. I have been saying all along that they had no publicity to promote this if the problem is viewership that is their fault. I also think a half hour show is just not cutting it for some. the cussing seems forced and I have read posts from people not being to crazy about it. I have not watched AMC and still wont no matter what format they come up with not sure why they think that will change anything and I also find myself watching more then one episode in one day instead of daily I bet they didnt account for that and might not be seeing the numbers. I started a thread asking for everyone to give it a chance before complaining its to bad PP couldnt do they same.

There has been publicity though. On social media, on YouTube, on TV it is just a matter that this whole deal is shows numbers have to reflect daily viewers and not people viewing the shows once a week on one day of the week

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