A perfect storyline for Jeffrey

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A perfect storyline for Jeffrey

Postby Axl Rose » Wed May 15, 2013 8:53 pm

We all just learned that Jeffrey was raised by a single mother and that he didn't even know his father which can only mean that either the truth about his father was kept from him or that Jeffrey really knows who his father is but that his father could have abandoned him and his mother taking off on both them and because of that he could have had a very difficult childhood but imagine if Jeffrey's father were R.J. Gannon? Then it would be awesome if they bring back R.J. especially for this storyline and especially if Jeffrey were his son because think about it:

- R.J. would come back to Llanview to reach out to Dorian because he could have heard about what happened to her but also because him and Dorian go way back

- R.J. reunites with Nora and he could meet Destiny who he could instantly form a bond with because she reminds him of his niece Rachel and because of that Destiny could form a relationship of sorts with R.J.

- R.J. also adores baby Drew, Destiny's son but he could find out about Destiny's situation with Matthew in the fact that Matthew since he is Nora's son and how he isn't stepping up as a father, R.J. getting close to Destiny wouldn't like that even though R.J. is close to Matthew's mother Nora because of R.J.'s brother Hank

- R.J. could meet Jeffrey and right away Jeffrey could know who R.J. is to him but that R.J. doesn't have any idea who he is or alternative could be that R.J. and Jeffrey could meet and instantly like that they could despise one another

- R.J. could then find out that Jeffrey is the one who ruined Dorian's career and as a result he could be on the warpath to get even by ruining Jeffrey

- R.J. down the road could find out that Jeffrey is his son and after having already lost a daughter Keri he wants to build a relationship with Jeffrey since they would be father and son

- Jeffrey then could find out all about R.J.'s past and this could then cause Jeffrey to go down a dark path in the sense that he could end up following in R.J.'s footsteps by becoming a mobster just like R.J.

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