Enjoyed OLTL Return!

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strange fruit
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Enjoyed OLTL Return!

Postby strange fruit » Mon Apr 29, 2013 11:35 pm

It was good for the first episode. I think having a smaller cast works better and some of the right characters came back though i could've did without Jack. But anywho, Natalie is looking way more attractive and i'm liking this new Destiny and Matthew they've got me interested. The fact that Tea oftern ignores Danni resulting in her drinking and doing drugs is an interesting storyline as well. And it's good to see David Vickers and his crazy behind again. I miss some characters from the old OLTL, but i kinda like this cast better. It feels more real and less corny antics like they often had on ABC. Maybe it's the cursing that makes it more real i don't know. All i know is that i was missing this soap though i did gone on with my life, it is good to see it again.

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