OLTL musings

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OLTL musings

Postby CHScott » Fri Sep 29, 2006 4:25 pm

Hi all

I haven't had my OLTL venting fix in awhile so here goes. As usual, feel free to agree or disagree!

I really don't find OLTL very interesting at the moment. Hopefully that will change down the road. It is my personal opinion that the writers seem determined to make the show "One Mcbain To Live" which I suppose I understand since he is so popular but I really don't find the character that compelling and as I've said many times I just don't see the "heat" between he and Natalie. Possibly Mr Easton being gone for awhile will shake things up when he comes back depending on who they pair Nat up while he's gone

I'm guessing that Vicki will be on alot more soon since I believe her August vacation just passed. Hopefully the writers will perk up things with a Vicki/CLint/Dorian triangle.

Gonna really miss Kevin/Kelly when they're gone. Hopefully they will just ride off into the sunset and maybe someday they'll bring in a new Kevin. I liked the actor alot by the way but others seemed to feel different and on a side note I liked your latest poll about who we want to stay Amy but I'm not sure how accurate it will be since some of the actors in question are definitely already gone. Never hurts to ask though I suppose.

As far as Tuc Watkins goes, I'm kinda torn there. I personally feel he is the best actor on the show...when he wants to be.. and maybe I'm wrong but I just get the feeling for whatever reason Tuc has just kinda been gliding along.. possible because of the (my opinion) crummy story he's been stuck in. Speaking of which..

Spenser. I think he makes for a good villian. I just don't at all like the his storyline and the way it was set up. I really think it was meant to go in a different direction as a "throwdown" between he and the Buchannans and a wrench got thrown into it with Phil Carey's Illness (thank god he's coming back). Also, I ask myself do I really wanna watch a storyline that 90 percent of the time takes place in a hospital corridor or a police precenct/jail cell (I'm amazed at the number of people who have access to LLanview's one jail cell by the way..lol)

Allright, I'm rambling. I'll finish with Antonio/Jess/Tess/Nash/Claudia. Most of you know my feelings on this storyline. I really like all of the actors, I like where they are heading with it and I want Nash and Tessica to be together which I have no doubt they will be. I just don't approve of the way they shoot Nash into Claudias arms every time Jess/Antonio hurts his feelings. I say get a backbone...get a job...get some friends and get Tessica back!!

whew.. thanks for listening, more later and as always....



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Re: OLTL musings

Postby Amy » Fri Sep 29, 2006 6:02 pm

Hi Cary,

Thanks for all your thoughts :)

I always enjoy them!


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Re: OLTL musings

Postby babygurl2 » Fri Sep 29, 2006 8:01 pm


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