I expected JR to say that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I expected JR to say that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby switzerland » Fri Jan 19, 2007 1:37 pm

When JR was talking to Jamie and calling Zoe a freak and all the other repulsive things he said. I can't say that I was surprised! There a lot of people in this world that were thinking what he was saying! It is a fact of life that people are uncomfortable with gays, lesbians and transgender! I am proud of my sexual orientation and will never apologize for it again but I cannot say that I am surprised by people's phobias. I want to commend AMC for writing this story. If everyone accepted Zoe, then I would say that this s/l is totally unrealistic! I understand this is a show and I hope I have not offended anyone. That truly wasn't my intention!

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