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Re: Zarf

Postby Patti D » Wed Dec 20, 2006 10:41 am

Quote Chrissi: I think it's about time we had 'real' storylines on soaps. This is 'real', and in my opinion... a good storyline that we all can learn from.

Kudos to AMC. :)

Although I can't tolerate the actor Zarf, I do think that maybe this storyline has some merit. After all, I do love Bianca and she is a lesbian character. I just wish that Zarf wasn't as wierd. And by wierd, I don't mean his sexual lifestyle. I mean the character mannerisims and speech. It's had to get "into" the character when you can't understand his riddles. Hopefully, once Zarf becomes a "woman" the character will be less dramatic. ;)

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