myrtle fargate

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myrtle fargate

Postby azcocokitty » Thu Aug 31, 2006 5:47 pm

Does anyone know what happed to Myrtle? I loved her character.

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Sun Flower
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Re: myrtle fargate

Postby Sun Flower » Tue Sep 05, 2006 7:05 pm

Myrtle was on last week talking to Erica. I'm assuming she on reoccuring status like Palmer and Opal and a few more of the older much missed cast.

I love zach
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Re: myrtle fargate

Postby I love zach » Wed Jan 10, 2007 1:53 pm

:] myrtle has been on all my children for the past thirty years, she's been giving zach advice on his kendall problems

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Re: myrtle fargate

Postby AbCDefGH » Wed Jan 10, 2007 2:16 pm

I was able to find these recaps, which have some hugh holes, but are from 1976/77. I remember watching when Myrtle first came. She has always been one of my favorites. I really like Opal too. Hope ya'll enjoy this recap. Blessings, Pj :)

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Erica, still refusing to divorce Phil, and Phoebe hatched a bizarre scheme to keep Linc from remarrying Kitty. Discovering that Kitty had never known her long lost mother, a Mrs. Lucy Carpenter who hadn't been in Pine Valley for decades, Phoebe plotted an elaborate and phony reunion. She approached a down-and-out piece of flotsam improbably named Myrtle Lum with a proposition to pose as Kitty's long-lost mother -- and eventually convince her to leave Linc.
It was mutual dislike from the start, but Myrtle agreed to Phoebe's plan and Phoebe agreed to Myrtle's price. But the plan backfired when Myrtle truly came to care for Kitty as a daughter!

Refusing to attend Linc and Kitty's inevitable wedding, Phoebe nursed her misery with a bottle of vodka. After the wedding, a drunken Phoebe finally revealed her scheme to use Myrtle to break up Linc and Kitty. Drunkenly revealing the scheme to both Kitty and Linc, Phoebe conveniently forgot to mention who'd created it. But Mona later told them about Phoebe's part in it and that Myrtle truly loved Kitty like a daughter and had only faked her death to end the charade. Linc angrily confronted Phoebe, who swore she'd never meddle again. But Linc couldn't forgive her.

Kitty began having dizzy spells and bouts of temporary blindness. Psychosomatic, the doctors said, finding nothing wrong.

Dr. Joe Martin had finally diagnosed Kitty's attacks of blindness and dizziness as an inoperable brain tumor. Kitty died in Linc's arms.
Shortly after Kitty's death, Linc said good-bye to Myrtle. A distinguished beau, Nigel Fargate, had asked her to marry him and move back to Minneapolis. Before she left, Myrtle sold The Boutique, which Ann had given to Kitty, to someone she felt both Ann and Kitty would have liked -- Ellen Shepherd.

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