Fan Fiction By Patti G Episde #41

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Fan Fiction By Patti G Episde #41

Postby PBNGJNG » Mon Jun 23, 2014 11:33 am


Scene 1:

Amanda and Jake check in with Opal and Joe on the kids. Opal is concerned about where they are as she has a bad feeling about them being “away”. Jake calms Opal and tells her everything is fine and they should be home in a few days.

Reggie gets off the phone and he does not look happy. “Tad you want to get everybody together, I have some new information.”

Tad grabs everyone and they sit down to hear what Reggie has found out.

“It seems that while Allie Doyle died a while back she left a husband a daughter. My friend is emailing me their photos right now. Allie’s husband’s name is Victor Westmore and her daughter is Ellie. Hold on their pictures just came in.’

Reggie pulls up Victor’s picture and no one recognizes him. Then he pulls up Ellie’s and almost all of them gasp.

Jake is the first to speak, “that girl works as a nurse at PVH. She started a few months ago.”

Amanda adds, “I have met her too she lives at The Boarding House and is friends with my brother Tim.”

“Well folks,” says Tad. “I think we need to talk to Miss Westmore and quickly.”

Scene 2:

Annie knocks on the doctor’s door and is told to come in.

Dr. Peterson is sitting behind her desk and asks Annie to have a seat.

“So Annie, how are you?” she asks

“I’m not in any trouble am I Dr. Peterson?” she asks.

“Why would you think that you were in trouble Annie?”

“It is just you usually don’t see me except for my schedule sessions.”

“Well that is true, and I am sorry about that. I have many patients and I don’t get the chance to see all of them as much as I would like. I will try and make it a point to fix that if I can. Any way, the reason I asked you here today is I received a call from the Courts regarding your case. They want to know my opinion on possibly letting you be released ahead of schedule.”

“Oh my God!” says Annie. “I can’t believe it. I have been working so hard to get better but I never thought this would happen.”

“Well hold on Annie. This is not a done deal by any means. I need to really sit with you and evaluate this decision. Then of course the Courts will have their own standards that you would have to adhere to.”

“Dr. Peterson, whatever I have to do to prove that I am ready to leave Oakhaven I will do. Any rules or restrictions I have to obey I promise I won’t even J walk. Just for me to get out of here and to be back with my daughter. That would be worth anything.”

Scene 3:

Kendall and Zoey are sitting on the sofa at Kendall’s home. “I am glad that Zach was able to take the kids out for awhile. I thought we could use some time for us.” Kendall tells Zoey.

“I am so happy you are finally home, I know the kids are happy and Zach is thrilled. I myself like getting to know my new sister-in-law.”

“Krystal called me this morning, she is married to my Uncle Jack. She invited the family to a party this weekend and asked me to invite you too. I think it is time that the Slater family made their debut.”

“That sounds great, Kendall. You are sure you are up to going?”

“Hell yeah!” Kendall tells her.

“Well if you are okay with going and me tagging along then I am excited. Not to change the subject but have you given any thought to when you might go back to work?”

“I have thought a lot about it and I have made a decision.”

Scene 4:

AJ has made his decision about the Prom and hopes she will say yes.

To be continued…

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