Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #40

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Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #40

Postby PBNGJNG » Sun Jun 15, 2014 9:34 pm


Scene 1:

Jack wakes up and reaches over to hug Krystal but she is not in the bed. So he gets up showers and dresses and heads down to the kitchen where he finds Krystal on the phone happily discussing some party and at the same time fixing a big old Sunday breakfast.

“Okay, Sweetie I will speak to you later. Let Bianca know and tell her about Kendall for me.Thanks.”

“Well what did I do to deserve such a wonderful breakfast in the middle of the week? Not that I am complaining of course,” Jack teases his wife. “You also seem to be in a rather good mood for someone who is not usually a morning person.”

“Well Counselor, I just decided that this family has had enough dark clouds over our heads and we deserve some sunshine for awhile.”

“I couldn’t agree with your more. Was that Marissa you were talking to?”

“Yes, I decided to close the restaurant early Friday night and have one big family party before the election. I have to call Greenlee and Reggie and as a special treat Lily is coming in.”

“That is great! The whole family together, now that is something to look forward to.”

“I am also extending an invitation to the Slaters and want them to bring Zoey along as well. I thought it was time to get to know the newest member of the Slater family. It will also be the first big outing for Kendall since coming home from The Institute.”

Scene 2:

Kate just stares at AJ till they both finally start laughing. “You can’t be serious about taking your Aunt to the Prom AJ?”

“Well taking you would make my life a lot easier that’s for sure.” He tells her.

“Why what’s the problem? The great AJ Chandler is having trouble finding a date to the Prom?”

“The problem is starting problems with whoever I choose and who I don’t choose. Miranda is my best friend and stepsister technically. If I ask her she might feel uncomfortable and not know how to tell me no, or she may want me to ask her and be upset if I don’t. On the other hand I considered asking Emma Lavery to go with me but she has a bit too much wildness in her like her mother Annie. Colby tells me that Emma reminds her of herself when she was that age. Did you know that Colby crashed a yacht the night of her Sweet Sixteen Party? Plus if I ask Miranda and not Emma I just know Emma is not going to be happy with me. The last thing I need is a “wronged” woman coming after me.” AJ laughs but he isn’t sure that it is really funny.

Scene 3:

Okay so you and Reggie really think that Allie Doyle is behind this whole thing?” Jake asks Tad.

“If you think about the history it does makes sense,” Tad explains.

“So what do we do now? Just wait for her to contact us, give her the money and hope she gives us the antidote?” Adam barks.

Reggie is on the phone and the news he is getting does not seem to bode well. “Yo, guys, bad news. I just had a friend in the Bureau check and Allie Doyle died a year ago.”

“So then it can’t be her then,” Brooke says.

David goes over to Cara and he asks how she is holding up. “I am scared David, and not just for my safety but what about the baby?”

“I swear Cara, that nothing is going to hurt this child. No matter what I have to do I will not lose another child or you.”

Tad assimilates what Reggie has told them and asks the question “Could the person behind this be related to Allie and doing it for revenge for her? Maybe her death sparked some type of vendetta they feel the three of you are owed.”

“I am on it Tad,” says Reggie. I will call my contact back and find out some more about Allie Doyle and also how she died.”

To be continued…

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