Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #38

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Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #38

Postby PBNGJNG » Mon May 26, 2014 3:23 pm


Scene 1:

Back at the office Tad and Reggie start to think about the case.

“The key to this is obviously figuring out what Adam, Jake and David all have in common?” Tad says to Reggie. “I can see someone going after Adam and Dr. Dave but Jake, where does he fit in to all of this?”

“I think the best way to approach this is going back to when all three men came to Pine Valley.” Reggie says. “They must have someone in common, someone they all pissed off or this person feels they did them wrong.”

“Well Adam has been in Pine Valley for years now. Jake arrived back in Pine Valley after dropping out of Sanford Med School in California. Dave showed up shortly after that,” Tad explains to Reggie.

“Okay, that is a start. What was going on in their personal lives at the time?” Reggie asks Tad.

“Adam was divorced from Liza at the time. Liza had arranged with Jake for him to be her sperm donor, as she wanted to have a baby and did not want to wait to find “true love”. Soon after, Liza got pregnant and she and Adam reconciled. She did not know at the time that Adam had switched Jake’s sperm with his own and Adam was the baby’s father not Jake.

“WTF!” says Reggie. “How did he manage that?”

“This is going to take a long time to explain,” says Tad. I calling for a pizza, you in?”

“Now where was I?” says Tad. “Oh yeah, Jake had dropped out of Med school and returned to Pine Valley without telling our family and met Liza who thought he was just a hunky handy man. Liza had no idea that her hunky handy man was my brother. Eventually Jake came forward and my Dad persuaded him to come back to medicine and he joined the Staff at Pine Valley Hospital. Jake met a new doctor at PVH, Allie Doyle. Jake did not know at the time but Allie and David had been dating before they both showed up in Pine Valley. In fact David was blackmailing Allie, as he knew she misrepresented her medical school transcripts to get herself into Sanford Medical School. David proposed to Allie but she turned David down and started dating Jake. Jake and Allie eventually became engaged which drove David crazy as he is not a fan of losing especially to a Martin.”

The pizza arrives and Tad and Reggie take a break and chow down.

“Allie met my Dad when he was a patient at the hospital. She actually accidentally walked in Dad’s room sat down on his bed rambling on and on and eating his jello. Dad was so taken with Dr. Doyle he immediately hired her to the staff. After awhile she and Jake started dating and eventually became engaged. Jake had no clue about her and David or that he was blackmailing her. Allie was not thrilled when Jake volunteered to be Liza’s sperm donor. She knew he was not romantically involved with Liza anymore nor did he not want to part in the baby’s life. However I guess things began to get to Allie and at one point she pretended to be pregnant also. Allie finally admitted to Jake about her transgression regarding her transcripts. She eventually confessed to my Dad and unfortunately he had no choice but to dismiss her from the hospital. It was Allie that helped Adam switch his sperm for Jake’s by promising her he would help get her medical license reinstated. When all of this came out, Adam wound up keeping his promise to Allie but it would be a t a medical school in the Caribbean Island of Antigua. Needless to say Allie was not thrilled but had no real choice but to accept Adam’s plan and leave town.”

“Unbelievable,” says Reggie. “I had almost forgot how dramatic life is in Pine Valley. Here I thought my life in the military was an adventure. Life in Pine Valley makes it look dull by comparison. So now to the last player in the “game”, tell me about Dr. David.”

“Well I already have told you some of David’s story and how he fits in here. David came to Pine Valley trying to get Allie back. As I said he hates to lose. Allie was not interested and David held her “doctored” transcripts over her head. David was also interested in Liza for awhile but nothing ever happened between them. David made it his business to get in Jake’s face as often as possible. At one point he even nearly killed Adam in the hospital and made it look like it was Jake’s fault.”

“Tad, after listening to everything you have just told me I can see just one thing that ties all these men together.”

Scene 2:

Jesse rubs the back of his neck trying to wipe away the tension. He has spent the better part of the morning on the phone trying to get some information and background on Detective Dillion.

“Knock, knock,” says Angie as she walks into her husband’s office.

“Hey Baby,” Jessie says to his wife. “Your are sure a sight for sore eyes right now.”

“What’s the matter? Or can’t you talk about it?”

“I have been on the phone all morning looking into the background of one of my detectives. It has been brought to my attention that they might have a issue with gay and/or lesbians as well as other minority individuals.”

“And do they?” she asks.

“I am afraid I don’t like what I am hearing so far from people that used to work with them.”

Scene 3:

“Well if it isn’t Miranda Montgomery,” says Emma. “Getting a jump on prom dresses, are we?”

“Hello Emma,” Miranda says. “Opal called me this morning and said she just got a new shipment in of gowns so I thought I would come by and check them out. What do you think of this one?”

“It looks nice and it’s cut and pattern totally take away attention to your small top and slim boyish figure. I of course was blessed with a full figure boys seem to like.”

“Thanks, Emma. I think boys like my figure just fine. What brings you to The Boutique?”

“Greenlee and I are starting here for my perfect dress. I don’t think The Boutique will have anything to suit me, but my Dad says I can shop wherever I want even if we have to go to NYC.”

“Well I am sure your date will appreciate your effort. Who exactly has asked you to the Prom may I ask?”

“Well they haven’t officially ask me yet but I am fairly certain AJ will be taking me.”

“That is in less he has already asked someone else.”

To be continued…

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