Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #37

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Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #37

Postby PBNGJNG » Sun May 18, 2014 8:06 pm


Scene 1:

Tad, Reggie and Mama Castillo walk into the living room where The Group are either planning or arguing.

David sees Tad first, “Oh great another Martin.”

“Nice to see you too, Dave,” Tad answers.

Jake walks over to his brother and says, “Thanks for coming.”

“You all remember Jack’s son, Reggie. He is now my new partner. I think his military background could come in handy,” Tad tells them. “Jake has told me what has happened so far and I saw a copy of the DVD. What have you decided to do?”

Brooke tells Tad, “We are for the time being gathering the ransom. Adam is in charge of that. David and Jake drew some blood from Amanda, Cara and myself.”

“I thought the DVD said not to try and treat or interfere with the poison,” Tad asks.

“We are not going to do anything right now except see if we can find something common in the three blood samples to at least verify they have been poisoned. If we can determine that we may be able to figure out what they have been injected with and make some offensive moves,” David explains to Tad and Reggie. “So if you will excuse Jake and myself we will go to my lab and get started.”

Scene 2:

I know what those men did to her and it was so wrong and it cost her dearly. I understand why he wants them to pay for what they did. However their actions did not actually kill her, that was a whole separate issue. The actual person who killed her already has died. Those women are good people, I have got to know them a little and don’t feel comfortable harming them because of what their husbands did. Perhaps if I try talking to him again I can make him see this is wrong and we can stop this before it gets totally out of hand. I already lost her and I don’t want to take the chance of losing him as well.

Scene 3:

AJ heads into the Parlor looking for his car keys. JR is sitting on the sofa reading the paper and eating breakfast.

“Have you seen my car keys?” AJ asks his father.

“I think they are over on the desk. Where are you off to so early? Why don’t you sit and have some breakfast with me. I am glad you decided to move back into The Mansion for awhile, but I still don’t see very much of you,” says JR.

AJ feels guilty about blowing his Dad off so he decides he can spare a few minutes and spend time with him. “I am heading out to the Mall to go tuxedo shopping with some of my friends. The Prom is only a few weeks away and I don’t want to not have a tux ready for the big night.”

“Wow, the Prom already. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. I remember my Prom at PV High. I still run into the girl I took every once and awhile. She still lives here in town. I guess you have asked someone already?” JR asks his son.

“Well I know who I want to take but I haven’t exactly asked her yet.”

“Don’t you think that should be your first priority before getting the tux?” JR says.

“I guess you are right, I will stop over at her house before meeting the guys at the Mall.”

“You want to give your old man a hint about who it is?”

“Sorry, Dad. You are just going to have to wait until she accepts.”

Scene 4:

Brot knocks on the Chief’s office door.

“Come on in,” Jesse yells back.

Chief I was wondering if you have a few minutes. There is something I need to tell you and get some advice on.”

Brot sits down and begins to tell Jesse everything that has happened with Detective Dillion since he joined the PV Police Force and became Brot’s partner.

After Brot finishes up Jesse looks at him and says “I am glad you brought this to my attention Detective. I know it must not have been easy to do. I want you to keep this conversation with me to yourself and continue keeping an eye on your partner. I will look into things on my end. When I have the information I need we will talk again.”

With that, Brot thanks Jesse and promises to do as he was instructed. He says good bye and leaves Jesse’s office.

Jesse is certainly upset to hear about what Brot had to say. He knew Trevor years ago and Tim when he was a child. However he knows that Brot would not have brought this to his attention if he wasn’t worried there might be big trouble down the line. Jesse goes to his files and pulls Detective Dillion’s file out sits back down and starts to read through it. Finally he picks up the phone to make some calls.

Scene 5:

Miranda is at The Boutique looking through the dresses on display trying to figure out what she might wear to the Prom. That is of course if she gets ask out at all. Opal is in the back as she promised Miranda she would see what new dresses just arrived and give her the first shot at them.

The bell on the door to the store rings and Miranda turns around and sees Emma walk in.

“Well, well if it isn’t my good friend Miranda,” Emma chirps.

To be continued…

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Re: Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #37

Postby Axl Rose » Thu May 22, 2014 7:02 am

I could see why Tad would be involved considering Jake is his brother after all and Amanda is his sister-in-law the mother of his nephew Trevor and Brooke is his ex-wife after all she is the mother of Tad's oldest son Jamie so I could see why Tad would feel the need to help and with Jack's son Reggie helping them, it gives Adam, David, Jake, Amanda, Cara and Brooke even more of an edge against whoever this mystery person is that has poisoned all of them

At least we have a clue as to who this mystery person is, or at least a clue that it is not just one person but that it is more than one person and that these people could be working together because if that is the case then I wonder just who these mystery people could be and why they would go to all these lengths just to poison all of them?

Glad that I got to see AJ and his father JR spending some quality father/son time together, and JR trying to give his son advice about prom and AJ actually listening to his father was even better and AJ I wonder who he's asking? I guarantee you AJ will ask Miranda to the prom how much you want to bet he will ask her over Emma

AJ is now living at the Mansion again, this is great, both he and JR living at the Mansion with Adam and Brooke, I wonder if Colby will be moving in as well? Or Hayley & Mateo and their 2 sons Max and Enzo if they will be moving in as well?

Erica Kane's granddaughter Miranda going shopping for prom, if only Erica could be here right now I guarantee you she would tell her granddaughter right now that she is a Kane woman and that the "Kane women" she is following in their footsteps but seeing Miranda run into her rival Emma, now I can bet these 2 will get into a catfight

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