Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #36

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Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #36

Postby PBNGJNG » Sun May 11, 2014 5:08 pm


Scene 1:

Mama Castillo walks to the front door and is both surprised and happy to see her former son-in-law Tad standing there. He is with another young man that she has never met.

“Tad,” she says. “ Dios Mio! It is so good to see you. Thank you for coming.”

“Mama Castillo,” Tads says. “Of course I would be right over, this effects several of my loved ones too. I like you to meet my new partner, Reggie Montgomery, Jack’s son.”

“Nice to meet you, Mrs. Castillo. Even if under a less ideal setting.” Reggie says.

“A pleasure to meet you too.” She says. If you are half the man your father is I have great faith in your help and Tad’s.”

“I assume your son-in-law is none to pleased I was called.” Tad says.

“No he was not, nor Mr. Chandler either. However both Brooke and my daughter overrode their objections quite handedly.”

“Well lets not waste any more time,” Tad says. “Take us into the Lion’s Den.”

Scene 2:

Zoey walks down the hall bracing for this meeting. She has psyched herself up to the best she can and keeps trying to remember what her brother Zach said, “Kendall bark is worse than her bite.”

Zoey knocks on the room door and hears a woman call come in. She walks in and sees Kendall for the first time up close and awake and is amazed at how beautiful she is. “Thank you for asking me to come,” Zoey says.

“Please sit down, I promise I won’t bite.” Kendall tells her.

“Funny,” says Zoey. “That is what you husband said to me to calm my nerves.”

“I can hear Zach say that to you but really Zoey please relax. I know this is a bit strange, but I really want us to be friends. Zach has almost no blood family and I have come to hear how much you mean to him so you mean a lot to me too.”

“Thanks Kendall. I know that just you’re coming out of your coma and the time you have missed has been hard enough to deal with. Learning you have a new sister-in-law on top of all that must make things even harder. I promise I only want the best for you and your family. I have got close to Zach since learning we are related and admire the man he is. I want to be the best sister I can be and that means a good relationship with you.”

“Well,” says Kendall. “Let get to know each other a little more, okay?”

Scene 3:

Emma comes down the stairs and sees her Dad playing a video game with Spike. “Hey Dad, I wanted to talk to you for a minute, okay?”

Ryan looks at Spike and then pauses their game. “What’s up Ems?” Spike sees this is going to be an interesting conversation so he decides just to hang back and listen. He knows his sister is a master manipulator when it comes to their Dad.

“Well Prom Season is just around the corner and I need to start looking for a dress to wear.”

“Well that sounds like a reasonable request. Who is your date for the Prom?”

He hasn’t already asked me but I know it will be soon and I want to look fantastic that night.”

“Emma who have you set your sights on?”

“AJ will be asking me any day now I know it. I mean who else would he want to go with?”

“AJ would be a fine escort but if he hasn’t ask yet how do you know he will definitely be asking you?”

“Dad I just know, okay?”

“Alright, then back to getting the dress. Why don’t you ask Greenlee to go with you to Lacy’s or to the Boutique and get something really special.”

“Really? Do I get a budget or can I just go crazy? Maybe we could look in New York City too?”

“I want you to get what makes you happy, okay? Just try not to go too crazy though.”

“Thanks Dad. I will ask Greenlee to go with me as soon as she gets home.”

With that, the Penthouse doors opens and Greenlee walks in to hear the tail end of the conversation. “Ask Greenlee to go with who where as soon as possible?”

Scene 4:

Detectives’ Dillion and Monroe decide to have lunch at Krystal’s Café. As the walk in and look for a table Brot spots Marissa and Bianca sitting having lunch. They have brought baby Bella with them and currently she is giving Marissa a fussy time about cleaning her face.

Brot walks over and says, “Hello Marissa, Bianca how are you?”

Bianca and Marissa almost at the same time say hello back to Brot and are happy to see him. “How have you been?” Bianca asks Brot. Marissa follows asking, “How is Natalia and the rest of the Hubbard’s these days?”

Brot tells them everyone is just fine. “I like to introduce my Partner, Tim Dillion. Tim this is Bianca Montgomery and her wife, Marissa Tasker.”

Tim gives a quick hello to the women.

“You are not Amanda’s older brother?” Bianca asks him. “I have not seen you in many years. When did you get back to Pine Valley?”

Tim says “I am Amanda’s brother, and I can’t believe how long it has been since I have seen you Bianca. I had know idea you were still in Pine Valley and settled down.”

“Yes,” Bianca says. “Marissa and I are raising a small army of a blended family. This little one is our youngest, Bella. She is named after Marissa’s sister Babe who passed away several years ago.”

“Well it was nice seeing you both,” Tim says. I afraid Brot and I are on a short lunch break so if you will excuse us.”

As Brot and Time go further along to an open table, Tim says to Brot, “I heard Erica Kane’s daughter turned out Gay, but married? Plus they actually are flaunting themselves in public like a normal married couple. Did you know all this Brot? Here I thought Pine Valley was still a normal place to live but I had know idea the Gays were out all over.”

Brot looks at Tim and says, “I really can’t believe you said that. Are you really that much of a bigot?”

To be continued…

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Re: Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #36

Postby Axl Rose » Tue May 13, 2014 9:09 am

Honestly I think Amanda's brother is a bigot and he is entitled to be whatever he is but at the same time I think that there is possibly more to the story and just why he may be a bigot but Tim really seems to hate gays for whatever reason but I wonder if Amanda knows about her brother's bigotry?

Brot I am glad that he called his partner out on his bigotry but I wonder what can Brot really do about it? Brot he is the son-in-law of the Commissioner because isn't Brot married to Jesse's daughter Natalia? So if he is then can't Brot just go to his father-in-law the boss and tell him that he needs a new partner?

I am glad that Kendall and her sister-in-law Zach's new sister Zoey are getting close because they should be, I mean after all Zoey is Zach's younger sister and Kendall is Zach's wife so they should have a close relationship since Zoey is Ian and Amelia's aunt Spike's step-aunt so she is very much a part of their family, so I wonder if Kendall will try to play matchmaker for her sister-in-law Zoey by setting her up with a guy?

Emma seems awfully sure that AJ Chandler will ask her to the prom, she seems fairly confident which is what I like, Emma certainly is her mother Annie's daughter she is like a second coming of Annie, she is like a mini-Annie when you think about it so I wonder what Emma will do when AJ doesn't ask her to prom but asks Miranda Montgomery, Bianca & Michael Cambias' daughter Erica Kane's granddaughter to prom?

I wonder if Emma will try to manipulate her step-mother Greenlee into helping her with AJ?

I wonder where Annie is? She should be the one with her daughter helping her through this stage of her daughter's life that being Prom

But now that Mama Castillo has informed Tad and Reggie about what is going on, I wonder what Tad and Reggie will do?

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Re: Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #36

Postby PBNGJNG » Wed May 14, 2014 12:06 pm

Thanks for your comments. I afraid I can not answer more fully but for some reason my keyboard does not work well on this site. It is almost impossible to type just this. I will try to write a better response in Word and paste it in the box later today or tomorrow. Again thank for your comments and loyal reading of my work.

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