Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #26 "Thanksgiving"

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Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #26 "Thanksgiving"

Postby PBNGJNG » Thu Nov 21, 2013 9:18 am



Scene 1: (The Hubbard Family)

Angie is putting some last minute items on the holiday table, while Frankie, Brot and Jesse are on the sofa watching football and Natalia and Randy are keeping an eye on the kitchen and the baby. The doorbell rings, “I’ll get it,” says Angie to no one in particular. Angie opens the door and standing there is her brother Ted with his two grown children, Kayla and Darius. Angie is thrilled they were able to make it. She smiles and says, “Oh, my this is wonderful, please all of you come on in.”

The trio comes in and Ted introduces Darius and Kayla to their Aunt Angie. “Please give me your coats and come in and meet the rest of the family. Jesse, leave the TV we have company. Brot and Frankie go get the girls in the kitchen.

Jesse walks over and shakes Ted’s hand, “it is good to see you again, glad you could make it.”

Ted says, “I am glad we could get here too. I would like you to meet my son, Darius and my daughter, Kayla. Both of them say hello to their “new” Aunt and Uncle.

When Natalia and Randy arrive, Angie takes the lead and makes the introductions.

At first they are a bit uncomfortable, but then Jesse asks if they can go back to the game and suddenly the men are all back in front of the TV and Kayla joins the women and as they start getting to know each other.

Scene 2: (The Montgomery Family)

There is a knock on the door, and Reggie yells out, “Come on in.” Suddenly the Lavery Clan burst through the door; Ryan, Greenlee, Emma and Spike. Greenlee asks, “Are we the first to arrive?” Lilly gets up from the sofa and says, “Well technically you are the first guests to arrive but Reggie, Krystal, Dad and I have been here all day.”

The Lavery clan make themselves at home, when the doorbell chimes and everyone shouts out “Come in!” In through the door come, Marissa, Bianca, Miranda, Gabrielle and baby Bella. They immediately make themselves at home.

Marissa asks, “where is Jack and Krystal?” Reggie says Dad is on the phone in his study and Krystal is busy in the kitchen, putting the finishing touches on dinner. He tells Marissa she won’t let anyone help her. Marissa tells Bianca, “I am going to find Krystal, will you keep an eye on Bella?”

Marissa finds Krystal in the kitchen basting the turkey. When Krystal sees her come in she shoves the bird back in the oven and goes to hug her daughter. “When did you get here?” Krystal asks. “Just a few minutes ago, right after Ryan and Greenlee.” “They are here already?” Krystal asks looking a bit lost.

Marissa notices her Mom’s expression and asks, “Is everything is okay?” Krystal tells her all is fine but Marissa does not seem to believe her. She asks “I didn’t see Jenny out in the living room, is she here?” Krystal tells Marissa that Jenny is having dinner with the Martins and Tad is going to bring her over here for dessert. Then she politely shoos Marissa out of the kitchen so she can finish getting dinner ready.

Scene 3: (The Martin Family)

This is the first Thanksgiving without Ruth and the whole Martin family is in a somber mood. All of them are especially concerned about Joe and how he is handling this day.

Amanda is in the kitchen with Opal and Dixie putting the finishing touches on their dinner. Opal asks Amanda, “How has Joe been today?” Amanda tells Opal, “He seems okay, although a bit quiet.” Opal says, “the first holiday after a loved one passes is always hard.”

Jake, Tad, and Tim Dillion are out in the family room listening to the football game. Tad asks, “where is Dad?” Jake tells Tad that Joe wanted to go to the cemetery and visit Mom. “Do you think it was wise to let him go alone?” Tad asks Jake. “I asked if he wanted to wait until you got here and we all go together but he said he need to do this by himself.”

Little Trevor is keeping his baby sister Natalie busy with toys on the floor while Jenny and Kate are off to the side busy with “girl talk”.

Back in the kitchen, Opal tells Amanda that it is nice that Tim is here to share the holiday. That it must make things nicer having some of her family around. Amanda says, “I am glad he made it also. I did make a trip out to the hospital to see my Mom. She was pretty good during our visit since she has been on her new medication. I was actually thinking of asking her doctors and Jake what they would think of me bringing Trevor to see her.”

Scene 4: (The Chandler Family)

Adam and Brooke are in the living room standing by the fire enjoying some quiet time before the whole family descends. Adam says to Brooke, “I can not believe how blessed I am with my life these past few years with you by my side.” Brooke blushes and tells Adam, “Well we have had are ups and downs, but overall you are right, we have been blessed.”

Adam’s cell phone rings and when he looks at who is calling, he smiles. “Happy Thanksgiving, Colby. How are you and Liza enjoying your time out in California? Well that is great. Are you still planning on going to Haley’s for Thanksgiving dinner? You are, well please send everyone our love. Maybe someday we can all have the holiday together. I will certainly tell everyone you said hello. Speak to you soon, I love you too.”

“It was nice that Haley and Colby will be spending some time together,” says Brooke to Adam. “I definitely agree with you, Adam says. “I am sorry that Jamie could not make it for the holiday. I know you must miss having him here.” Brooke says, “I do miss having him here but I know how important his work with Doctors Without Borders is to him and the people he treats. He told me about the very generous donation you made to the organization.” Adam says, I realized how blessed our family is and just felt I needed to do something to show my thanks.”

JR and AJ come in the room playfully battling about whom is going to win the football game they are watching in the media room. “We are just cruising through re-upping on snacks, do you mind if we make off with these bowls?” asks AJ. Brooke laughs and tells them to help themselves but save some room for dinner as Cook has outdone herself this year. Adam tells the boys that Colby just called and wished them a happy holiday.

They all hear the front door open and in walk Stuart, Marion, Scott, Madison and the twins, Charlotte and Cindy. “Hope we are not late,” Stuart says. Absolutely not Brooke tells him and everybody makes them selves at home around the fireplace. Scott says, “I don’t know about any of you but I am ready to eat!”

Scene 5: (The Slater Family)

Zach sits by Kendall’s bedside holding baby Amelia and Ian is sitting next to him. “I hope you know how much we all miss you, and are waiting for you to open your eyes and be back with us,” says Zach. He kisses his wife gently and then holds the baby up to her mother for a kiss and then Ian moves over to rub his Mommy’s hand and give her a kiss. “I made you a Holiday card,” says Ian to his mother. Zach takes the card from the boy and puts it on the table next to her bed. He tells Ian that is very sweet to make a card for Mom. He knows she will love it when she wakes up. Ian asks his Dad, “Will Mommy ever wake up?” Zach looks at his son and says he hopes for that everyday.

They all file out of the room and there is Zoey waiting for them. “How is she, any change?” Zach looks at her and shakes his head no. “Well we should head home, I have a holiday dinner waiting for us,” says Zoey. “You cooked?” Zach asks. “No, but I did call the Yacht Club and had it delivered,” she laughs. All of them start laughing loudly. Meanwhile without their knowledge, Kendall once again opens her eyes briefly. She quickly sees Zach with Ian holding a baby, and young woman standing next to him. She thinks to herself what has happened? Who is that woman? Again consciousness is brief and she closes hers eyes once again.

Scene 6: (The Hayward Family)

Mama Castillo is in the kitchen with Leo keeping her eyes on him not to sneak any cookies before dinner. She can not believe it has been five years that Cara has been married to Dr. David. “When are we going to eat, Abuela?” says Leo. Soon mi nino (my child), soon.

Cara is walking down the stairs as the doorbell sounds and when she opens the door it is her brother Griffin and his “date” Ellie from the hospital. “Happy Thanksgiving, Cara, “ says Griff. “You have met Ellie, right?” “It is nice to see you, Ellie, “ says Cara. “I want to thank you and your family for including me today,” Ellie tells Cara. “We are happy that you could make it, please come into the living room.

Cara, Griff, and Ellie walk into the living room and it is already decorated full of holiday decorations. “The place looks terrific Cara.” Griff tells his sister. “Where is David?” asks Griffin. Cara tells them he should be home shortly, that there was an emergency down at The Institute that he had to handle. Cara tells them that Mama and Leo are in the kitchen. She will go and tell them you are here.

When Cara leaves, Ellie tells Griffin that she appreciates the invitation to Holiday Dinner. She had thought she would be working today having no place to go. Griffin tells her he is happy that he brought her.

Happy Holiday to All

To be continued…

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Re: Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #26

Postby Axl Rose » Mon Nov 25, 2013 2:55 pm

I loved this Thanksgiving episode really I did, and I can't wait until your Christmas episode really I can't see your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day episodes of All My Children

But in all honesty I loved this episode so much

Seeing all the returns for Thanksgiving like seeing Jack's other daughter Lily return for Thanksgiving, but here is hoping that Lily stays in Pine Valley but I am sure she probably has a life wherever she is

And we got to meet Angie's brother's 2 children, Ted's son Darius and Ted's daughter Kayla, here is hoping Darius and Kayla can stick around

Baby Bella she is Marissa & Bianca's daughter, am I right about that? Or is baby Bella adopted?

And Kendall it seems she will wake up soon enough and when she does she can claim her family back

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Re: Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #26

Postby PBNGJNG » Wed Nov 27, 2013 9:35 am

always your comments are most welcome. I am happy that you enjoyed this Episode. Sorry it has been so long but I have had writer's block and did not want to post something just to post. I take pride in my Blogs.

I will try to write a follow up Episode b4 Xmas to bridge the gap between the two holiday Episodes and peak everyone's interest in what is to come.

Have a great holiday.

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Re: Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #26

Postby Axl Rose » Sat Nov 30, 2013 8:21 am

Well I can't wait until Episode #27 that's for sure

As for Reggie and Cassandra I can honestly see them becoming a couple, Jack's son and Angie & Jesse's daughter, they can be like the new Angie and Jesse of our generation the new African-American supercouple to root for

And Lily if she sticks around I just hope Lily is able to find love again

But with Tad and Dixie's daughter Kathy/Kate I swear isn't she supposed to be a teenager now? Considering Kate is supposed to be older than AJ by at least a couple of years because Kate she was born before AJ and not to mention she is also AJ's aunt JR's sister so it would be nice if Kate was added to the teen scene with AJ, Emma, Miranda, etc.

Janet from Another Planet, Amanda's mother, she is not well at all because she's a raving lunatic she is just like another lunatic I know...that being Heather Webber of General Hospital fame

Loved the Colby and Hayley mentions, especially with Colby spending Thanksgiving with her sister Hayley and her brother-in-law Mateo and their sons Max Santos and Enzo Santos, but as for Hayley and Mateo's sons Max and Enzo I can honestly see them being added to the teen scene as well, Enzo actually I can see him in the teen scene but Mateo's older son Hayley's step-son Max I can see him in the 20-something age group

Jamie is a doctor now working for Doctors Without Borders, DWB, well whenever Jamie does return to Pine Valley I can honestly see him working at the hospital as a doctor and if and when Jamie does come back I can see him finding love again

But how about Tad's other son, Damon? It would have been nice to have heard a Damon mention because the last we heard Damon left Pine Valley to go to law school to become a lawyer so I wonder just how Damon is doing with that or if Damon could possibly return at some point

And Griffin and Ellie show that they have chemistry that's for sure but it seems Mama Castillo is not happy that her daughter Cara is still married to David and honestly I can see Cara's mother doing something to drive a wedge between Cara and David

As for Tim Dillon him and Zoey I can honestly see them growing more closer and eventually becoming a couple

But as for Zach if he moves on with someone new I can honestly see Kendall then making her shocking reappearance putting a damper on that

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Re: Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #26

Postby PBNGJNG » Sat Nov 30, 2013 12:11 pm

I appreciate your support on my Fan Fiction.

You are right, I did remember to mention Jamie, but forgot about Damon. My bad. I will keep that in my when writing future episodes.

As for who might become a couple I have to keep that to myself as I have plans for one of those characters.

Reggie and Cassandra would make a nice couple but I also might pair them with others that might be more interesting and not who you would immediately think of.

Mama Castillo might not love her son-in-law but she loves her daughter and grandson so that might give her pause to separate them.

As for the Slater family, there will goods news for the New year, but as with Soaps there will also be misunderstandings that cause reunions to take longer.

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Re: Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #26

Postby PBNGJNG » Wed Dec 11, 2013 12:12 pm

Axel thanks for your support and suggestions. I am working on the Xmas episode and hopefully will have done next week.

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