Fan Fiction Episode By Patti G Epsiode #24

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Fan Fiction Episode By Patti G Epsiode #24

Postby PBNGJNG » Thu Sep 19, 2013 2:52 pm


Scene 1:

Miranda enters The Boutique and finds Emma Lavery trying on clothes.

“Hey Miranda, when did you get back from LA? I loved your posts from there,” says Emma.

“I got back yesterday, and yes I had a great time out there. I met a lot of cool people and went to all sorts of Premiers and parties.” Miranda tells Emma.

“Well I am so envious. I just hung out all summer. Doing a little babysitting. But mostly just hanging with friends.” Emma says.

“Yes, I noticed your pictures posted on your Facebook page, especially of you and AJ. Looks like you two got real close since I have been gone.” Miranda says.

“Well AJ and I did hang out a lot, but I don’t see why you have a problem with that. I mean you and AJ are just what stepsiblings? Unless there is something going on between the two of you that I don’t know about.”

“No, AJ and I are just friends, but because he is a good friend I don’t want to see him get hurt or played.” Miranda tells Emma.

AJ is a big boy, Miranda. I think he can handle whom he wants to be with. If that happens to be me, then you are just going to have to deal with it.”

Miranda walks out of the store. Emma goes to look at some more clothes in the back when Greenlee pokes her head out of the dressing room after obviously hearing the conversation between Emma and Miranda. Greenlee hopes Emma does not take after her mother Annie when it comes to dealing with men.

Scene 2:

Reggie and Jackson are sitting in the living room catching up and drinking a few beers.

“I had know idea you were headed home, Reggie. The last time we spoke you never mentioned you leaving the military. Did something happen?” Jackson asks him.

“Nothing happened, Dad. I have been thinking about mustering out for awhile and getting back to civilian life. Plus with you running for Governor, I thought you could use all the family support you have.”

“Well I appreciate you wanting to help with my campaign but I wouldn’t want it to come at the cost of your career.”

“Don’t worry Dad, everything is fine. I am looking forward to seeing the whole Montgomery/Carey extended family. Is Lily going to be coming home?”

“Lily said she wants to help with the campaigning but is keeping herself in the background, away from the crowds. She has made such progress dealing with issues regarding public spaces and crowds but her Autism Spectrum Disorder will always make her feel uncomfortable around people.” She said she will take care of the poll numbers and statistics.” Jack says.

“I don’t want to assume, so let me ask if it would be okay for me to bunk here for awhile, Just until I figure out what I want t do.”

“Of course you can stay here, this is your home, Reggie.”

“Well before you agree I think you should run this by your wife. It is after all her home too.”

“What exactly should you run by me?” says Krystal as she walks in the house. She walks over and she and Reggie have a big welcoming hug. Jackson didn’t say anything about you coming home.”

“Don’t blame you husband, Krystal, he had no idea I was coming.”

“Well no matter, it is great to have one more member of this extended family back home.”

Jackson turns to Krystal and asks “By the way, sweetheart where did you go so early this morning?”

Scene 3:

Angie is sitting at the dining room table when Jesse walks in the door home from work. She is reading a letter.

“Hey Gorgeous” says Jesse as he walks over to Angie and they kiss. “What are you reading?”

“It is a letter from Ted,” Angie says. “He wanted me to know that he is feeling well and David is optimistic about his ongoing treatment. He also wanted me to know that he will be back in Pine Valley soon, but wants to spend some more time with his children.”

“Well that sounds like good news to me,” says Jesse.

“He also sent some legal documents for me to read over and if I have no objections to take them to my lawyer and get them notarized and filed.”

“What kind of documents are they?” asks Jesse.

“Upon his death he has redone his will. His ex-wife and children are well taken care of as before. However, he is now leaving me a substantial inheritance as well as David’s Clinic to further his research. He tells me that I should use the money as I see fit. He has also left a tidy sum to Frankie, Cassandra and Natalia. I don’t know what to say to all of this. We have hardly got to know each other again and he is generously leaving me and our children a small fortune.”

“Well, says Jesse. I guess he feels bad about all the years you were not together and is trying to make it up to you in the best way he can.”

“I appreciate his generosity, but I would just as preferred spending time with him and my niece and nephew. All of us getting to know each other.”

“I am sure he wants to spend time with you and our family also,” says Jesse “but this might just be his way of making things right in his life if the treatment does not work and he should not make it.” Jesse tells Angela.

Scene 4:

Brot and Tim are out having lunch at Krystal’s Café when Bianca and Marissa come walking in with the baby. Bianca and Marissa see Brot and walk over to day hello.

“How have you been?” Brot ask the woman.

“We are doing great.” Bianca tells Brot.

Tim looks at Bianca and asks her if she remembers him? Bianca says of course she does, and she was happy for Amanda when she told her you have come back to Pine Valley. It is great Amanda has some family of her own in town again.

“Tim, I would like you to meet Marissa Montgomery Tasker, my wife and our new baby Bella. Marissa is Krystal and David’s daughter. I don’t believe you ever met her sister Babe.” Says Bianca.

“Well it is nice to see you again Bianca,” says Tim.

Bianca and Marissa make some more small talk with Brot and leave him saying to give their best to Natalia.

After the women have left, Tim turns to Brot and says” I never would have guessed that Erica Kane’s daughter would turn out to be a lesbo.” Tim says to Brot. “Her and her Wife just love parading around flaunting their screwed up life style. I don’t get why people chose that life style. The whole thing gives me the creeps, although two women together could be kind of kinky, but don’t get me near two fags,” he tells Brot.

Tim tells Brot he is going to use the restroom and hands Brot some money to pay his portion of the bill. When Tim walks away Brot lets out a sigh. He can’t believe what a bigot his new partner has turned out to be. Brot wonders if he should mention any of this to Jesse. He decides he will wait and discuss the situation with Natalia later and see what she thinks should be done. Brot knows though that if Tim has this type of view about gay people plus the incident in the park that he is not going to make a good partner with Brot.

To Be Continued…..

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Re: Fan Fiction Episode By Patti G Epsiode #24

Postby Axl Rose » Fri Sep 20, 2013 8:37 am

It seems Tim is becoming a bigot or he has bigoted views and I could see them getting worse and if and when that happens then I see Tim heading down towards a dark, dangerous path but I wonder if Amanda knows how much of a bigot her brother really is? Or will Amanda have blinders on when it comes to her brother?

And Emma bringing up the fact that Miranda and AJ are step-siblings, that was great because they are and even though Miranda clearly has feelings for AJ even that is obvious to me but Emma she is the way better choice for AJ love interest wise, Emma is reminding me of her mother crazy Annie that it is even starting to scare me a little bit LOL and even Emma's step-mother Greenlee sees the signs but I wonder if Greenlee will talk some sense into her step-daughter before things go too far

And Ted has a son and a daughter that is interesting, so Angie has a nephew and a niece she has never met but I can bet that in time Angie will meet her niece and nephew but Ted leaving his ex-wife and his 2 children, Angie, Jesse, Frankie, Cassandra and Natalia all money, that is very big of Ted but I think Ted is just getting his affairs in order just in case he dies and I really hope he doesn't die, I hope Ted can beat this thing because he has so much to live for

Love the Lily mention, Lily is handling her father Jack's campaign, I love it, and Lily coming a long way in her autism progression that is really great

But Reggie being reunited with his father Jackson and his step-mother Krystal, I really hope Reggie runs into his half-sister Greenlee next or that Reggie runs into his cousin Bianca next

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Re: Fan Fiction Episode By Patti G Epsiode #24

Postby PBNGJNG » Fri Sep 20, 2013 10:18 am

Glad you liked this episode. Sorry it has taken awhile to write. I am hoping to get a few out in close succession over next few weeks.

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Re: Fan Fiction Episode By Patti G Epsiode #24

Postby Axl Rose » Mon Sep 23, 2013 3:02 pm

Here is hoping we get to see more triangles form here on AMC, perhaps have more rivalries form, perhaps sibling rivalry with 2 brothers falling in love with the same woman or 2 sisters falling in love with the same man or 2 cousins in love with the same man or same woman or more affairs happening right here in your fan fic

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